28th Quills: TV Camera Work (Creative)

Travis Nemtsas of Nine News has won the 2022 TV Camera Work (Creative) Quill for “Beach Artist”.


Judges' citation

Travis’s approach to this shoot was as thoughtful as the subject itself. He applied creativity and exceptional camera work to bring the story of an after dark beach artist to life. He cleverly used different cameras and natural light to set the scene, highlighting the isolated location and immersing viewers into the story. He skilfully overcame the challenge of keeping the sand artist’s identity anonymous and displayed an advanced understanding of natural lighting techniques throughout the overnight shoot. Travis created this work alone, without a journalist, taking it upon himself to interview his subject about his creative process. This is a stunning and impactful piece of work.



Peter Drought, ABC News Victoria, “Fight for The Outer Suburbs in Victoria's Election”

Ryan Mason, Nine News, “Snow Police”

Lachlan Shine, 7NEWS Melbourne, “Crime Fighters Exclusive”

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