28th Quills: Coverage of Women in Sport, sponsored by the OWSR

Jeremy Story Carter of the ABC National Regional Reporting Team has won the 2022 Coverage of Women in Sport Quill, sponsored by the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation, for his piece “Is this Australia's coolest footy team?”


Judges' citation

Jeremy’s work evocatively celebrates the extraordinary tenacity of a new generation of young women regional footballers who believed in their right to take their place in the local league, in so doing changing sixty years of male dominated history. Jeremy demonstrated how they championed a new inclusive culture while garnering international recognition with a rock band as a sponsor.


The winning entry

King Gizzard, culture and a country community. Anglesea football club may well be Australia's coolest, ABC News, 22 November 2022

Pulling on the boots: Women finally get shot at local footy, ABC AM, 22 November 2022


Highly commended

Mark Robinson, Herald Sun, “To Hell and Back”



Sam Landsberger, Herald Sun, “Female umpire abuse shame”

Lauren Wood, Herald Sun, “Enough is enough: AFLW conditions laid bare”

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