2016 Quills: Gold Quill

Louise Milligan & Andy Burns have won the 2016 Gold Quill for their extensive coverage of Cardinal George Pell's evidence given at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. The judges found their work "broke new ground" on a traumatic issue that has unfolded over a number of years:

"Their interviews with victims were compelling, moving and handled with great humanity. The work delivered a series of scoops, including detailed allegations about the conduct of Cardinal George Pell. This is journalism at its best: giving voice to those who have long suffered in silence."

The winning entry

View a selection of the winning work by clicking the link below:

'George Pell leaves abuse survivors unconvinced after first royal commission hearing', ABC 7.30

'George Pell: I will always believe that he knew, says 'pissed off' child abuse survivor', ABC 7.30

'George Pell investigated over multiple allegations of sexual abuse', ABC 7.30

'Police interview George Pell in Rome over child abuse allegations', ABC 7.30

'Was George Pell left in the dark or were we?', ABC The Drum

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