2018 Perkin Award Finalists

Finalists have been announced for the 43rd Graham Perkin Australian Journalist of the Year. The award honours the memory of celebrated Age editor Graham Perkin. It is sponsored by Virgin Australia and carries a $20,000 cash prize provided by Fairfax.

The winner will be announced at the 2018 Quills dinner on Friday 15 March 2018. Tickets can be booked here.




The 2018 Perkin Australian Journalist of the Year Finalists are listed alphabetically by surname. Please note that some work submitted with entries - including print materials - may not be included below.


Anne Connolly, ABC, For 'Who Cares?' A ground breaking two part investigation into the aged care sector

'Who Cares?', Part 1 and Part 2, ABC Four Corners, 17 and 24 September 2018

'Aged care home fails inspection two months before septicaemia death', ABC 7.30, 5 April 2018

'These people are speaking out about what it's like to work in aged care across Australia', ABC Interactive

'Aged care inquiry an unexpected victory for many, too late for some', ABC News, 17 September 2018


Anthony Dowsley, Herald Sun, for industry leading coverage of the lawyer X case and the Silk-Miller murders

'Truth at last', Herald Sun, 4 December 2018

'Lawyer X' online 8-part series, Herald Sun

'Convicted police killer wins right to court review', Herald Sun, 2 August 2018


Chip Le Grand, The Australian, for outstanding reporting and analysis across a range of topics from politics to sport

'The Cardinal, the silk and the publisher: it's a real page-turner', The Weekend Australian, 7-8 July 2018

'Puffer-jacket squad delivers pained message', The Australian, 26 November 2018

'Greens call for by-election candidate to be axed', The Australian, 1 March 2018

'Resident Evil', The Australian, 23-24 June 2018


Hedley Thomas, The Australian, for his internationally renowned true crime podcast 'The Teacher’s Pet'

'The Teacher's Pet' podcast, The Australian

'The footballer, his schoolgirl lover and the missing wife: the case justice missed', The Weekend Australian, 19-20 May 2018

'Dawson babysitter recalls the violence', The Australian, 1 June 2018

'The chilling visit that haunts a magistrate, The Australian, 8 June 2018

'Long-lost document exposes lies of missing woman's husband', The Australian, 15 June 2018

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