2018 Quills: Artwork

Graphic artist Matthew Absalom-Wong won the 2018 Artwork Quill for 'Wrong Skin', published in The Age.

Judges' citation

This timeless image, which illustrated the Age podcast “Wrong Skin”, conveys the social isolation and vulnerability of young Aboriginal lovers Julie and Richard who disappeared in the Kimberley in 1994. With no source material to work with, Matthew has created a stark, evocative piece that adds an emotional depth to the narrative.

The winning entry

'Wrong Skin' podcast homepage, theage.com.au

Highly Commended

Mark Stehle, Jamie Brown & Richard Lama of The Age for 'Into the Deep: Thai Cave Rescue'

Other finalists

Matt Davidson of The Sunday Age for 'Standing in the Way of Control'

Mark Stehle, Soren Frederiksen, & Trisnadi Kurniawan of The Age for 'Melbourne's Traffic Flow Map - The Peak Hour Project'

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