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2018 Quills: Coverage of an Issue or Event

Anthony Dowsley, Patrick Carlyon & Chris Tinkler of the Herald Sun have won the 2018 Coverage of an Issue or Event Quill for their reporting on Lawyer X.

Judges' citation

In March 2014, Anthony Dowsley first revealed a criminal barrister who acted for gangland and mafia figures was turned into a registered police informer against them. It would be five years before the High Court lifted suppression orders on a scandal that has now triggered a Royal Commission and could see countless convicted criminals freed. The Herald Sun’s compelling and agenda-setting coverage - capitalising on years of following the story - will set the agenda for years to come, as the ramifications reverberate through Victoria's legal and law enforcement community.

The winning entry

'Lawyer X' full online series, Herald Sun

'Ridding herself of "Mokbel cartel" drove Lawyer X to turn snitch', Herald Sun, 3 December 2018

'Jailed drug lord Rob Karam leads charge for release over Lawyer X scandal', Herald Sun, 3 December 2018

Other finalists

Melissa Cunningham & Tammy Mills of The Age for 'A Child, A Bride: The Hidden Story in an Unexplained Tragedy'

Chris Gillett of ABC 7.30 for 'The Big Dry'

Miki Perkins & Clay Lucas of The Age for 'The Downfall of Robert Doyle'

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