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2018 Quills: Feature Writing

Melissa Fyfe won the 2018 Feature Writing Quill for 'Get Cliterate', published in Good Weekend magazine.

Judges' citation

The power of Melissa's piece is the startling revelation that in the 21st century there is still so little known about the clitoris, despite the fact that half the world's population has one. “Get Cliterate” is an extraordinary piece of journalism that reveals the Australian doctor whose work rewrote international medical texts so that a misunderstood dimension of female anatomy and sexuality was made clear. Melissa's feature shows great craft and wit and is a riveting read.

The winning entry

'Get Cliterate', Good Weekend magazine, 8 December 2018

Highly Commended

Jo Chandler of The Monthly for 'Papua New Guinea’s Resource Curse'

Other finalists

Jane Cowan of ABC News for 'From Dusk to Dawn: A Night in The Life of a Roo Shooter'

Margaret Simons for 'Looking for Trouble', published in Inside Story

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