2020 Quills: TV Camera Work (Shot of the Year)

Oli Bourguignon of 7NEWS Melbourne has won the 2020 Quill for TV Camera Work (Shot of the Year).

Judges' citation

Oli's pictures showed Cardinal Pell for the first time since his release from prison. Seven’s exclusive pictures capture the Cardinal clearly in a variety of different situations as he made his way to Sydney, talking movement, different light challenges and a desire not to be filmed. The degrees of difficulty and uncertainly are not felt by the viewer, demonstrating Oli’s intuition about what is needed to be in front of the subject and maximise the shot. The exclusive vision gave the first insight into the demeanour and appearance of our most senior Catholic, who fell from grace, was imprisoned, then exonerated and freed.

The winning entry

Road Trip with Cardinal George Pell, 7NEWS Melbourne, 8 April 2020

Highly commended

Stephen Ramplin, Nine News, Wonder Woman

Other finalists

John Parsons, Nine News, George Pell/Barwon Prison

Cameron Schwarz, Nine Network A Current Affair, Mallacoota Last Evacuation

Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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