2020 Quills: Victorian Government Quill for Reporting on Disability Issues

Chris Gillett of ABC 7.30 has won the 2020 Victorian Government Quill for Reporting on Disability Issues Quill.

The award carries a $3,000 prize and is supported by the Victorian Government.

Judges' citation

In telling Olivia’s story deeply personal story from the heart, Chris Gillett not only exposed the raw fears, challenges and struggles her family faced, but also the absolute joy they experience of a life together. In retracing their path - from the joy of birth to the fears something is not right, the battle for a diagnosis, planning for a life ahead and eventually acceptance and celebration of who Oliva is – Gillett provides the world a wider glimpse of the realities faced by so many others living with a disability. The depth of emotions captured in Gillett’s work builds positive understanding of the issues and love experienced those living with disability, enlightening his audience rather than lecturing to them.

The winning entry

The anguish of not knowing what is wrong with your child, ABC 7.30, 17 February 2020

Highly commended

Matilda Boseley, Guardian Australia, Melburnians with Disabilities Fear Aftermath of Long Lockdown

Other finalists

Stephanie Anderson, Nine News Melbourne, Jon Amos

Lucy Kent & Norman Hermant, ABC 7.30 and ABC News, Catastrophically Injured Australians Still Waiting

Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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