2021 Quills: TV/Video News

Cameron Baud of 7NEWS has won the 2021 TV/Video News Quill.

Judges' citation

Judges’ citation: Cameron's exclusive story uncovered the circumstances of an event that changed the lives of all Victorians. Through a dogged campaign he obtained the damning footage of the removalists at the Ariele Apartments in July 2021, which began an outbreak of Delta and the lockdown of 6.7 million people. Cameron tenaciously pursued several leads and found the owner of the crucial vision while the Ariel building was in lockdown and under control of the DHHS. The vision was central to reporting on investigations into the conduct of the removalists by Victoria Police and the DHHS. The outbreak prompted the state government to place further restrictions on interstate based removalists.

The winning entry

Cameron Baud, 7NEWS, 'Delta Removalists Uncovered'

Highly commended

Lana Murphy, Nine News Melbourne, 'Contact Tracer Predator'

Other finalists

Michael Slezak and Laura Kewley, ABC 7.30, '"Lawless" loggers'

Cassie Zervos, 7NEWS, 'Greg Lynn arrest'


Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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