AAP Medianet - 1 February


February 1, 2018

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet, featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. 

This Week's Media Movements

Jaime Chaux has been recruited as the Head of Digital for Commercial Radio Australia. Jaime joins from PodcastOne at Southern Cross Austereo, where he will finish up as a Content Director in March. Jaime completed a 3 month secondment at CRA in 2016 where he was a RadioApp Product Manager. He was previously the Head of Digital Audio Platforms, Digital Radio Content Director, and Music Director at Austereo.

Matt Cameron is now an Announcer for 3GG’s night and weekend program. He has been a casual Radio Announcer at Capital Radio Network since April 2017, and worked as a Production Coordinator at Gippsland Community Radio 104.7 before joining CRN. Matt replaces Orion Kelly who will now report on local news.

David Crowe will become a Chief Political Correspondent of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on 19th February. David finished up with The Australian last year as a Political Correspondent, and worked at The Financial Review prior to that.

Nigella Lawson is back sharing her recipes and cooking tips on smoothfm's airwaves this month. The famed chef will host a series of shows from Sunday 8th January to Sunday 18th February at 4pm to 5pm.

Medium Rare has a new Editor, former Managing Editor and Travel Editor of the Australian Women's Weekly, Michelle Endacott. She will head the content for NSW Farmers magazine.

AFLW star Daisy Pearce will provide expert commentary on match days at SEN, in the latest reshuffling at the radio station. Daisy previously held roles at Channel 7 and Triple M. 

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

Classrooms powered by renewable energy to be trialled in NSW 
Artist design of a Hivve modular classroom             Image: Australian Renewable Energy Agency  

School children across Australia could soon be taught in classrooms powered entirely by renewable energy as a result of the innovative ‘Hivve’ modular classroom, now being trialled in two New South Wales schools.

On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is providing Hivve Technology Pty Ltd with $368,115 in funding to pilot their modular classrooms in a school environment.

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Media Spotlight

Andrew Drummond, AAP Melbourne Bureau Chief

Five cities in a decade.
After completing a newspaper cadetship in rural NSW and spending a handful of years at regional mastheads including the Illawarra Mercury, Andy started with AAP in Sydney in 2007.

From Sydney Andy spent a few years flying the AAP flag in London as a UK-based European correspondent, learning to love warm beer, tabloid journalism, soccer and the royal family.
Returning to Australia in early 2013, Andy called Canberra home and was based in the press gallery while covering the federal election and subsequent Labor leadership contest.
Hobart (Andy's birthplace and family home) was next on his AAP itinerary, before heading to Melbourne in mid-2017.

What has been the most interesting aspect of the job since you started as AAP Melbourne Bureau Chief?
Taking over the big chair at Melbourne bureau in July was quite a change of scenery after spending almost three years in Hobart, where I was the sole AAP reporter in the state. It's great to have colleagues in the same office and we have a terrific team at East Melbourne who spend their days chasing some of the nation's leading news stories. I've enjoyed more than a decade with AAP and imparting some of my knowledge to others is really rewarding. 
It's been interesting to hear a range of opinions among the fresh-faced news team, including their interpretations of the terms "middle-aged" (as a 30-something-year-old man) and "elderly" (as a 61-year-old woman). Luckily I can refer them to AAP's style guide rather than have to fight my own battle! 

If there has been one BIG lesson in getting to the stage you're at now, what would that be?
Work hard and don't take "no" for an answer. My father once told me I'm a "jack of all trades and master of none", and while I hope to have achieved some level of expertise in my writing career, never has that saying been more true than in the modern world of journalism. The variety of this job is engaging and exciting: on any given day we can expect to cover a wide range of stories from warring politicians and murderous teenagers to visiting royalty and meteorological records.
An appreciation and understanding of as many facets of life as possible can prove invaluable in this game.

What is the oddest story you've ever reported on?
Where do I start?! So many options and so many interpretations of "odd".
Numerous court cases have left me scratching my head - what motivates people to cause others pain? And working in the Canberra press gallery produced an almost daily offering of odd.
But let's take a more lighthearted approach ...
Every event at Buckingham Palace was odd - the opulence and protocols linked to royalty never failed to amaze me. Reporting on the release of a Guinness Book of Records edition which included meeting the delightful Aevin Dugas (pictured above), a social worker from New Orleans who in 2011 had the largest Afro, at a circumference of 132cm. And while we're on the topic of hair, while reporting on Sydney Fashion Week, a well-known designer told me "the best thing about what you're wearing is your haircut" (I'm bald).

For a press release to grab your attention, what should it contain?
If it's more than one page, it's too long. Short and sharp is the key - don't try to be too colourful because that's what we're here for. Importantly, if the press release is dealing with technical details, drop the industry jargon and make sure the information can be easily understood - not everyone speaks the industry language.

What advice would you give/have you given to cadets starting out in journalism? Is this different to the advice you received when you first started?
Listen. Work hard. Read often. Listen. Learn shorthand and use it. Sounds archaic, but it's such a valuable tool, despite the popularity of dictaphones. Listen. (Have I already mentioned that?)
If something doesn't make sense, ask questions. If it still doesn't make sense, ask more questions. If you don't understand, there's a high probability others won't either (but they're too afraid to ask).

Journalism is a much different world than when I embarked on a Cadetship in 2001, when social media was non existent and online news was limited. The 'old school' journalists were still at play back then and while many of their techniques are extinct, one vital quality was impressed on me very early - the art of conversation. Everyone is a potential source of information. Don't push past the homeless man sleeping rough beside a crime scene - he probably saw the whole thing. Always smile and say hello to the everyday people in life (the barista at the cafe, the security guard at Parliament House, the elderly woman who walks her dog in the park). Make yourself the sort of person who people want to speak to.

Upcoming Media Events

Cycling 2018 Track National Championships (pictured right)
Thursday 1st February to Sunday 4th February, Brisbane
Cyclists across the state will meet at the Anna Meares Velodrome in Brisbane ahead of the Commonwealth Games race and compete for 34 national titles.

Festivale Tasmania (pictured below)
Friday 2nd February to Sunday 4th February, Launceston
Celebrating 30 years since inception, this three day summer festival draws crowds from across Tasmania in a celebration of local liqueur, food and entertainment. Clare Bowditch and The Choirboys will take center stage in front of an expected crowd of 35,000.

Walker Stalker Convention - The Walking Dead event
Saturday 3rd to 4th of February, Sydney
Fans of Walking Dead can revel in a two day event featuring panel and photo opportunities with Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chandler Riggs and get involved with Cosplay.

World Travel Expo
Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th February
Flight Centre’s annual travel expo will visit Brisbane, Perth and Hobart this weekend with airlines, tour operators, and travel specialists offering advice and discounts to travel novices and junkies alike.

2018 Financial Services Conference
Wednesday 7th February, Gold Coast, Queensland
Hosted by Anna Bligh this year, the Financial Services Conference covers all areas of tax for financial services professionals.

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