AAP Medianet - 1 March 2018


March 1, 2018

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet, featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. 

This Week's Media Movements

Mel Cornford is the new Managing Editor at ten daily, Network Ten's new standalone website which will launch later this year. Mel has worked on The Project since 2016 when she joined Network Ten. Mel was also previously the Head of Lifestyle, Entertainment and Travel for Yahoo7 Australia and New Zealand. 

Mick Malthouse will be providing commentary on select AFL games for the ABC, having recently departed SEN as part the station's recent major restructuring. Mick will be replacing Gerard Whateley, who left the ABC last month. Mick will be heard on the national broadcaster primarily on Thursday nights. 

Mark Kearney will start with the ABC Central Victoria team on 5th March. He leaves his role as a Journalist at Bendigo Advertiser where he has been since 2015. He was a secondary school teacher at Eltham College until 2014 and has written about education, the arts, social justice and other issues for the Bendigo Advertiser

Troy Ellis, long-time radio announcer and media personality, will join NOVA Entertainment in March. Troy has more than 20 years of experience in radio, working for Australian Radio Network, Southern Cross Austereo and Fox FM. He was also with Channel Seven for over 10 years as a TV Presenter.

Pippa Chambers has been promoted from Digital Editor to Editor at AdNews, replacing Rosie Baker who is leaving to join GroupM. Pippa is also a Co-Organiser at Sydney AdTech Meetup. Her previous appointments include being a Freelance Tech Reporter at TechBeat and a News Reporter at PerformanceIN. 

Milo Eastwood has been announced as Sista Zai Zanda’s new Co-Host on The Breakfast Spread on PBS 106.7. Milo was previously a volunteer at SYN 90.7FM.    

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

New digital technology mapping out a leafier Melbourne

New digital mapping technology is allowing The Nature Conservancy and its partner, Resilient Melbourne to map the vegetation of the entire Melbourne metropolitan area in a consistent way for the very first time. 

“This mapping is an essential element in creating Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy, to be released later this year,” said Dr James Fitzsimons, Director of Conservation at The Nature Conservancy Australia.

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Media Spotlight

Josh Butler, Editor at HuffPost Australia 
Josh Butler was recently appointed Editor at HuffPost in Australia, working as part of a global newsroom and breaking news team as well as overseeing huffpost.com.au. He writes about politics, breaking news, immigration, technology, social media, housing and more. He was previously an Associate Editor at HuffPost Australia where he mostly covered politics, reporting from the Canberra bureau in Parliament House. He was also formerly an emergency services reporter at the Illawarra Mercury in Wollongong, and spent four months on placement with the Inter Press Service, reporting from the United Nations headquarters in New York City on issues including international development, poverty, public health and U.N. politics. His Twitter handle is @JoshButler.

What are the most important skills that your new job requires?
A ruthless ability to cull and cut. Half of my day is curating our Australian homepage and managing our social media feeds, the other half is writing stories for both our Australian and global audience. We draw on HuffPost's massive network of editions in 17 countries around the world, curating a homepage that is interesting for Australian readers. HuffPost publishes literally thousands of pieces of content each day, so sifting through all that to find good stories for Aussies is hard! When writing Australian news for our global network, mostly Americans, a sense of how to separate big Australian stories from stories that Americans will actually be interested in is also hard - often times the biggest Aussie story of the day has absolutely no resonance in America, while small stories here are of big interest over there.

What attracted you to journalism initially?
I fell into it accidentally. I liked writing and English in school, but when getting ready to choose a university path, nothing really jumped out at me. I went to my school's careers advisor for some help and saw a poster on his door for a journalism course. With the final application date being the next day, I dashed off an application, got accepted, and now here I am! But honestly, I just loved writing more than anything else, and journalism was a way to get to write every single day. Getting to learn new things and read every day is also a big perk of the job. 

What was it like being a UN Correspondent at Inter Press Service?
Pretty wild. I'd never reported on politics at all before, so getting thrown head-first into the enormous United Nations framework was quite disorienting at first. I took up a four-month placement there in the UN press corps with an international newswire called Inter Press Service, where I reported on a range of topics from international development, poverty and foreign aid to more internal U.N. political matters, such as global conferences and summits. Going to work in that building every day was quite inspiring, where you'd literally bump into big-time diplomats and politicians. One of the wildest days was when I snuck into a press conference Hillary Clinton was giving - her first one since the news of her secret email server broke. Journos from every outlet in NYC were trying to get into this tiny room, and someone helped sneak me into this room that was packed like a moshpit at a concert. 

What story has been your favourite to work on so far this year?
Maybe 'favourite' is the wrong word, but I've done several reports on Manus Island and Nauru for our American counterparts. I've reported on refugees and asylum seekers for HuffPost for a few years now, but getting to write some stories on these topics specifically for our U.S. audience, who may not know too much about what is going on in Nauru and Manus, is something I've been proud to do. In that famous Trump-Turnbull phone call, Trump told our Prime Minister that Australia's asylum seeker policies were "worse than I am", which many Americans would have been shocked by. I think it's really important that people around the world get an idea of what Australia - praised by many as this lovely, fun-loving and friendly place - has been doing to people on Manus and Nauru.

What does a press release have to contain to be relevant to you?
Explain what you're trying to pitch within the first sentence or two. I know PRs love to send long essay-type press releases trying to give the story behind their pitch, and that's fine, but you really need to make it easy for journalists to work out what you're talking about. Every journalist gets literally dozens to hundreds of emails a day and to be honest, I don't read any of them to the bottom unless they quickly grab my attention. Sorry, I'm busy! Give me a line or two at the top for a quick summary - "I want to talk to you about [person/event/thing] and here's a sentence on why you should care, and below is my creative writing essay with the rest of the press release." Help me help you! Also, you really don't need to ring back 15 minutes after you send an email to "just check in". 

Upcoming Media Events

Morning Tea for Muscular DystrophyWorld_Wildlife_Day_2018
Thursday, 1st March to Saturday, 31st March, Queensland
March is Red Bow Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness and much-needed funds for people living with muscular dystrophy and support for their families. Queenslanders are invited to host their own morning tea to raise money and awareness of the genetic disease.

Nagambie on Water
Friday, 2nd March to Sunday, 4th March, Victoria
A festival on water, this yearly event will feature a 1.1km Park to Pub Swim, Community Canoe Challenge and a community lakeside market. There will also be on-ground activities such as the Great Grape Stomp, Reel Racing and a wine bar. 

World Wildlife Day (pictured above)
Saturday, 3rd March, Worldwide
The UN General Assembly initiated World Wildlife Day in 2013 to raise awareness of the world's wild animals and plants. This year the theme is "Big Cats: predators under threat" to bring to light the population decline, poaching, and loss of habitat due to human activities. A call-to-action will also be held on Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne to protest the sale of ivory and rhinos horns.

Clean_Up_AustraliaClean Up Australia Day (pictured left)
Sunday, 4th March, Nationwide 
A day where Australian communities and organisations are encourages to clean up, fix up and conserve the environment. Everyone is encouraged to join a clean up site or create their own, or donate money to the Clean Up Australia mission via their website. 

Australian Corporate Triathlon Melbourne
Sunday, 4th March 
Catering to all fitness levels, this triathlon encourages work colleagues to build on their networking skills and physical well being. This years race will be held in Elwood, Victoria.
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