AAP Medianet - 13 December 2018


December 13, 2018

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet newsletter featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. 

This Week's Media Movements

Steven Burling is now the director of morning television for the Nine network, taking over Mark Calvert’s role. Steven will oversee Today Extra and Weekend Today, and be the executive producer of Today. 

Fiona Dear is the new executive producer of A Current Affair. Previously, she was the deputy director of news in Sydney for the Nine network. Taking over Fiona’s role will be Meredith Marks, who has been with the network since 2009. 

NITV has announced four senior Indigenous appointments for its team. Adam Manovic will be the managing producer of the channel’s internal productions, Rhanna Collins will take up the role of executive editor, Julie Nimmo has been appointed as senior digital editor, and Jack Latimore will also join the team as senior digital editor.  

Eliza O’Hare is the new editor of Inside Out magazine. She will join the team from Harper’s Bazaar, where she spent three years as its associate editor. Eliza has close to 30 years experience in the industry.

Nine Entertainment Co will be merging Pedestrian.TV and Allure Media. Leading the combined team, now called Pedestrian Group, will be Chris Wirasinha and Oscar Martin. As part of these changes, Allure CEO Jason Scott will be departing from the company. 

Network 10 has renamed 10 Boss to 10 Bold. The name change is a result of legal action from Nine (formerly Fairfax Media) over copyright infringement, due to the similarities of the channel’s name to its Australian Financial Review insert Boss magazine. 

A new magazine for Sydney’s lower north shore has been launched. The magazine called Northsider is a quarterly publication featuring lifestyle content and interviews with locals. It is founded by two former Pacific Magazines employees Anna Gordon and Belinda Spillane.  

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

Ultra-low energy devices at the flick of a switch 

Monash University - Dr Mark Edmonds, James Collins and Professor Michael Fuher      


Pictured: Dr Mark Edmonds, James Collins and Professor Michael Fuher                      Image: Monash University 

Researchers at Monash University are one step closer to providing a global solution to minimising the energy wasted by modern telecommunications and computing – simply by the flick of a switch. Professor Michael Fuhrer, Dr Mark Edmonds and James Collins from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Monash University have for the first time successfully ‘switched’ a topological insulator off and on via application of an electrical field.

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Media Spotlight

Matt Williams, Editor of NT News 
Matt Williams - NT NewsMatt Williams began his career in journalism in 2002 at the Port Lincoln Times in South Australia as a journalist. A year later, he moved to The Advertiser to work in various roles and stayed there for 10 years. In 2013, he moved to Darwin to take on a role as chief-of-staff at the NT News. Matt moved up the ranks at the paper, becoming deputy editor in 2014, editor of the Sunday Territorian a year later, and then editor of NT News in 2016.

What is your favourite NT News headline and why? 
In my time as editor, my favourite heading is ‘Why I've Got Some Sticky Near My Dicky’.The cricket scandal was one of the biggest news stories of the year, and my deputy editor Ken McGregor nailed it with a cracking NT News take on it which was liked by millions.

What makes a press release stand out from others in your inbox? 
Something with a catchy subject line that has a local angle. If it doesn't immediately grab my attention I'll move on to the other 400-odd emails I've got to trawl through every day.

Which pressing issues in the Northern Territory are currently capturing your attention? 
The economy is struggling, so we're watching it very closely. I think the Territory is well positioned for great growth over the next decade and it's going to be an interesting journey to watch it unfold.  We seem to be at the bottom of the economic cycle, so surely the only way is up. We're doing what we can to stimulate some action at a government level.

What are the challenges and rewards of being a newspaper editor? 
It's the best job in the world. To be given a blank canvas every day, and not knowing what's going to happen, makes it exciting to build something from scratch. One of the big challenges is trying to juggle the newspaper and website at the same time. They are different beasts and require different treatments. You have to make an enormous amount of decisions on the run every day to keep our readers happy.

Upcoming Media Events

AIS Sport Performance Awards Thursday 13th December, Sydney
An annual celebration of high-performance sport in Australia. Around 400 guests will attend the annual celebration of Australian athletes at Sydney's The Star Event Centre. 

UNSW News conference - World’s water supplies are shrinking 
Thursday 13th December, Sydney
Researchers will present evidence showing that drought-like conditions will become more commonplace in the years ahead.

IMB Bank Sunset Cinema Wollongong (pictured above)
Thursday 13th to Saturday 23rd February, Wollongong NSW
Situated at Wollongong Botanic Gardens, The IMB Bank Sunset Cinema is an outdoor cinema experience with the latest Hollywood hits such as A Star is Born and VHS classics such as Spice World.

Melbourne Central's Shot Tower Christmas Tree 
Thursday 13th to Sunday 13th January, Melbourne
Melbourne Central celebrates Christmas by turning the iconic Coop's Shot Tower into a giant Christmas tree, surrounded by flashing, music-synced Christmas lights.

Human Rights Awards 2018Human Rights Awards 2018
Friday 14th December, Sydney (pictured left) 
An event to recognise the contribution of individuals and organisations in promoting and protecting human rights and freedoms in Australia.

ALP National Conference
Sunday 16th to Tuesday 18th December, Adelaide
The 48th National Conference will return to Adelaide for the first time since 1979. The conference will discuss the key priorities for the country.

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