AAP Medianet - 16 March 2017

March 16, 2017

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet newsletter featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. 

This Week's Media Movements

Siobhan McKenna exits TEN board and joins News Corp Australia working across Fox Sports, Foxtel and Sky News.

Freya Noble has been appointed as Assistant News Editor at Daily Mail Australia. Freya has been at Daily Mail Australia for three years, previously holding the position of News Reporter. 

With several years experience in radio, Chairman of Hope 103.2, Stephen O'Doherty will be the new Presenter on the Hope 103.2's Open House program. Stephen has previously worked at 2GB, ABC TV’s 7:30, and Channel 10. 

Hope 103.2’s Open House program will also have a new Producer, Anne Rinaudo. Anne previously working as a Consultant at NAB. Open House will have more of a current affairs focus when it returns to air on March 26.  

Australian Radio Network (ARN) will have a new Chief Executive Officer in April, Rob Atkinson. Over the last five years, Rob held the CEO position at Adshel.

Tony Kendall who currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at Australian Radio Network (ARN) will be appointed in a newly created role as a Chief Revenue Officer.

Head of Mobile Digital Experience at Commonwealth Bank, Abigail Thomas will be the new General Manager of SBS On Demand, starting in the newly created role at the end of March.  

Kev Poulton has joined 2AY in Albury. He will co-host the breakfast show with Sandra Moon, who has hosted the show on her own for the past six years. Kev was previously a Breakfast Presenter at FM 105.7. 

Ian Nicholls, or Nicko as he is better known, is now the host of KLFM’s Morning program. He has been in the industry for 60 years, retiring for a short time in 2009. Nicko started his radio career at 2LF in 1954, and later moved to 3DB –LK, 3XY, 3AW, 3AK, and the ABC.

Seventh Street Media has launched The Industry Observer, an online trade title for the music industry. On the team are Poppy Reid, Managing Editor of Seventh Street Media, Overnight Editor at Billboard Lars Brandle and Editor of The Brag, Chris Martinand Nathan Jolly

With over 25 years' experience, Gerry Terati Lyons, also known as Gman, will join 3KND as Station Manager on March 20, taking over the role from Jim Remedio. Gerry was previously the Radio Manager at CAAMA, where he has been for the past seven years.

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Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

Australians Urged to Switch Off Early For World Sleep Day
Image: Sleep Health Foundation

Sleep Health Foundation and Australasian Sleep Association have partnered to launch a social media campaign encouraging people to break with their evening screen time habits for just one night.

The sleep experts are challenging Australians to enjoy one good night’s sleep this Thursday night on the 17th of March to mark World Sleep Day. Their advice is to turn off your TV, computer, tablet or smart phone at least one hour earlier than you normally would and consider going to bed.

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Media Spotlight

Lui Zacher, presenter at Mixx FM 101.3
Lui, Breakfast Presenter at Mixx FM 101.3, hails from Albury on the NSW/VIC border. He’s the youngest of three, with two older sisters. Lui has always enjoyed trying to make people laugh (key word: trying) or, as his Year 9 English teacher described it, “striving to be an active distraction in the classroom”. He was previously executive producer and host of Star FM's Breakfast Show. His Twitter handle is @LuiFromTheRadio

How has the radio industry changed over the years? 
One of the biggest changes to the industry, over the ten years I've been involved, is definitely social media. Facebook is now front-and-centre when it comes to a lot of promotions and content discussions. How can we supplement our on-air programming with relatable content online? How can we drive listeners from "likes" to "listens"? These are all questions we need to answer. 

What is the best thing about working in radio? 
My favourite thing about radio is using the platform to raise awareness of things that aren't often spoken about. For me, one of those is mental health, specifically men's mental health. By sharing my own story a few years ago it opened up the discussion for other men in the region to think "oh, I'm not the only one going through this". 
Do you use press releases much in your line of work? 
Press releases play a role in preparation, along with Facebook and other social media platforms. Often the press releases you find in your email inbox relate to some of the trending topics overnight, so they can be handy to find a contact to add a bit more to the story.

You are very active on social media. How important is social media mastery for a journalist?  
I think social media is hugely important - from making new contacts, researching breaking news, following stories, and even getting ahead of the pack in terms of what the listeners are talking about. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing a rival's Facebook page talking about a topic and thinking "oh yeah, we covered that yesterday".

What challenges are involved in changing roles in radio? 
Changing roles is always tough. The hardest thing is being left without a list of contacts! Other than that, learning the local lingo can also be tough - knowing the difference between potato cakes and potato scallops can be the difference between you being accepted as a 'local' or 'that new bloke from out of state'.

Upcoming Media Events

World Sleep Day  
Friday 17th March - Worldwide
Join the world in switching off for an evening to get a better night's sleep.

Castlemaine State Festival (pictured)
17th - 26th March - Castlemaine, Victoria 
Victoria's biennial ten-day multi-arts and cultural celebration begins. With the theme of The Future of Things Past, enjoy exhibitions, performances and more.

The Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim
19th March - Sydney  
Clothes, constraints and inhibitions are left on the sand as thousands of people challenge themselves to the invigorating experience.

The Walk to Save Our Sons 2017 
21st - 31st March - Melbourne 
Father and founder of Save Our Sons, Elie Eid, will begin a long and hard 300-kilometre walk around the Bay of Melbourne, to help raise awareness and funding for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

World Science Festival Brisbane
22nd - 26th March - Brisbane
The World Science Festival Brisbane will once again bring some of the world’s greatest thought leaders to Queensland, showcase local scientists and performers from around the Asia Pacific region.

AAP 2017 Sports Editors Conference 
29th March 2017 - ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour
Key Australian sports administrators, high profile athletes, and major players in the Australian sports landscape will once again share their knowledge and discuss the dynamic landscape of Australia's sports media. This free, invitation only conference provides an opportunity to connect with journalists and innovators to help inform and inspire. 
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