AAP Medianet - 18 January 2018

January 18, 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to the first AAP Medianet newsletter of 2018, featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. 

This Week's Media Movements

Michael Thomson will anchor Channel Nine’s news bulletin in Perth. Michael has been with Channel Nine since 1987, and was previously the network's Sports Presenter where he covered the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney. 

Mamamia has a new Executive Editor with Leigh Campbell joining the publication. Leigh was previously at Huffington Post Australia as its Lifestyle Head. She has also worked at different publications at Bauer Media Group, including Cosmopolitan and Shop Til You Drop.

Sacha French will be moving with Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek (better known as Hughesy and Kate) to the Hit Network as the new show's Executive Producer. Sacha will be coming from KIIS FM, where she was also the Executive Producer of its Drive show. The new show will air from 22nd January

Allison Langdon and Peter Stefanovic are the new Hosts of Weekend Today. Both of them will be coming from 60 Minutes, where they worked as Reporters. They will be taking over from Tom Steinfort and Deborah Knight. Tom will be moving to 60 Minutes as a Reporter and will be joining Allison, who will continue in her role, and the rest of the 60 Minutes team.

Digby Gillings is the new Mornings Host for Triple M Melbourne. He was previously an Anchor at SeaFM Gold Coast Breakfast and a Daytime Announcer at Nova 106.9 Brisbane.

Karina Carvalho is moving to Sydney from Queensland, where she will be a Presenter for the ABC News channel. Karina has previously presented for the ABC news bulletins in Queensland and in Western Australian. She joined the ABC in 2007.

Taking over Karina’s role at ABC News Queensland will be Matt Wordsworth. Matt has worked as a Presenter on several metropolitan news bulletins, Lateline, 7.30 Queensland, and national 7.30. He has over 20 years of experience in journalism, and has covered major events as a reporter, including the London Olympics.

Alexandra Smith is the new State Political Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald. She was previously its Education Editor. She will take over the role from Sean Nicholls, who will move to join ABC's Four Corners as a Reporter. 

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

NSW container deposit scheme hits 40 million mark
return and earn, container deposit scheme
Image: Camden Advertiser 

The NSW community has returned more than 40 million containers under the Return and Earn container deposit scheme since collection points opened on 1st December. Reverse vending machines in Emerton and Casula are the most popular in the state, both recording more than one million returned containers, with Granville and Revesby on track to reach the one million mark by the weekend.

“Forty million is a significant milestone but we see it as a stepping stone; we expect the number of returns to continue to grow as more collection points open in the weeks to come," said NSW Environment Protection Authority Acting Chair and CEO Mark Gifford. 

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Media Spotlight

Kristie Sullivan, Journalist at 3BA, Power FM and Gold Central VictoriaKristie Sullivan Headshot
Kristie Sullivan joined 3BA, Power FM in Ballarat and Gold Central Victoria in Bendigo in August 2017 after a year on the NSW Far South Coast working in a solo newsroom at 2EC and Power FM in Bega. She works as a breakfast journalist for all three stations. Kristie previously spent almost 10 years as a legal secretary at various law firms in Melbourne, and studied journalism at RMIT University. You can find her on Twitter @kristiesulliv.

When did you decide you wanted to be a journalist?
I've wanted to be a journalist ever since I did work experience at my local newspaper when I was 15, but after graduating with an Arts degree with an English major from university and without a journalism degree I found it very hard to get into the field. So I fell back onto working as a legal secretary which was a job I had for close to a decade before I realised I still wanted to be a journalist and decided to go back to university.

What aspects of working in broadcast media do you enjoy the most?
I love the immediacy of radio news, and I've been able to break a lot of great stories because of it. There's also quite a bit of competition in large regional markets like Ballarat and Bendigo as we have TV stations, a couple of newspapers and the ABC all reporting the local news and it's always a battle to see who can break a story first, so when you beat the others it's quite satisfying. And although it's daunting, live reporting is also something I've really enjoyed learning how to do and I'm looking forward to continue developing (along with the rest of my journalism skills).

What is the most memorable story you've reported on recently?
It would have to be the story of Dane Waites, an inspirational man who despite being autistic and having to overcome many other issues in his life, ran across Australia to raise money for charity. I was very lucky to report on his story in my first radio job in Bega and managed to pick it up again in Ballarat as he came through on his way back home. Coming from a legal background I also enjoy reporting on the local crime and court stories too.

For a press release to grab your attention, what should it contain?
Between reading the news, doing live news chats with announcers, putting stories on the websites and social media, researching and conducting interviews, I have limited time to read press releases so I always look for something to grab me from the first few sentences. I also like them to get to the point quickly, to be well-researched and tailored to Ballarat or Bendigo, rather than just a general press release.  

What do you enjoy most about working as a journalist in regional areas?
It's a great training ground when you're a junior journalist, really gives you the chance to get involved in the community and you meet a lot of interesting people. A lot of smaller markets will also have you working by yourself in the newsroom, meaning you're not only the journalist, but the editor, producer and news director which gives you a lot of freedom and responsibility. Your chances of walking straight out of university into a job in a metro market are generally not great these days, so I'd highly recommend working at a regional radio station if you're looking to break into the industry

Upcoming Media Events

Tamworth Country Music Festival
Friday 19th to Sunday 28th January, Tamworth NSW
The 46th Tamworth Country Music Festival will see 700 artists and more than 2800 events. The festival culminates with the Golden Guitar awards on Saturday 27th.

Bunnings Emergency Services Volunteers BBQ
Saturday 20th January, Nationwide
Stores across Australia will host Bunnings’ annual barbeque to raise funds for local emergency service volunteers.

Furneaux Islands Festival 2018
Friday 19th to Sunday 21st January, Flinders Island, Tasmania (pictured right)
The festival celebrates the Furneaux Islands' community, shared culture and musical heritage. The festival is held over three days with a series of events to showcase the islands.

Penguin Awareness Day
Saturday 20th January, Worldwide
As the name suggests, the day is a celebration of penguins, an opportunity to raise awareness and a call to action for their conservation.
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