AAP Medianet - 25 July 2019


July 25, 2019

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet, featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, the Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. To keep with movements as they happen, follow @aapmedianet.

This Week's Media Movements


Pacific is expanding its podcasting reach as it strengthens its partnership with Acast >by announcing the launch of eight new podcasts. Pacific will have 17 local podcasts from August. The podcasts will feature high profile celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Drew Barrymore, Mark Wahlberg and many others.

Joe Stefan Koning has moved to Guardian Australia as an audio producer. Joe has previously produced documentaries for ABC Radio National and was also a producer at ABC Radio Sydney. 

Beauty news and review site beautyheaven has promoted beauty writer Lauren Meisner >as its new beauty editor. Prior to joining beautyheaven, Lauren worked as a freelance blogger and staff writer for Twenty Something Living. 

Former freelance contributor for BuzzFeed Clare Aston has rejoined the site as a junior content producer. Before joining BuzzFeed, Clare was a freelance copywriter and content producer for UTS Careers

Australian Associated Press’ sports writer Ben McKay >will be moving from Melbourne to New Zealand to become the newswire’s official New Zealand correspondent. Before joining AAP in 2013, Ben was a journalist for The Examiner

Andy Maher and Bob Murphy will be hosting SEN’s new drive show. The Western Bulldogs captain and Front Bar host have been announced as the replacement for Kevin Bartlett and John Rothfield. Jack Heverin will be taking over Andy’s hosting duties for Front Bar.

Jarni Blakkarly will be moving to South Australia as SBS’s South Australia correspondent. Jarni is currently an investigative journalist at SBS News Sydney. He joined SBS as a cadet in 2017 and was previously a writer for Al Jazeera English and Reuters. 

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

Water solutions without a grain of salt

 Image: Monash University 

Researchers at Monash University have developed energy-passive technology that’s able to deliver clean, potable water to thousands of communities, simply by using photothermal materials and the power of the sun.

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Media Spotlight

Rebecca Russo, Associate Editor at Time Out Melbourne 
Rebecca Russo - Time Out Australia
Rebecca Russo is a writer, editor and broadcaster based in Melbourne. She’s written for Junkee, AWOL, The Cusp, Faster Louder, Fashion Journal and Tone Deaf. She is currently the Associate Editor of Time Out Melbourne. Rebecca tweets at @BeckRusso.

Your career as a journalist began in 2011 as a volunteer. How have you grown since then? 
I’m so happy I started my career where I did a volunteer-run youth radio station. It taught me so much about creating engaging content, managing different people and especially how the wider media industry perceived young people. Despite what everyone was saying about self-absorbed Millenials, every single person I encountered was so passionate and creative – it was really inspiring! These days I'm always striving to capture that passion and creativity and bring it with me to new projects. 

You've worked in radio, print and digital media – what's your favourite medium and why? 
I still have an affinity for radio, but digital media has my heart. The variety of ways we can express ourselves, tell silly stories and get people excited about going out and doing things is limitless. I’m also endlessly fascinated by social media and what a powerful commodity it has become. 

You're in a good place to spot trends in Melbourne – what's the most exciting thing happening right now?
There’s a huge push towards big food events in regional areas, which is great because it’s getting people out and exploring the coolest corners of Victoria. In terms of what’s happening here in Melbourne, we’re seeing heaps of venues and events banking on nostalgia (‘90s-themed parties, candy pop-ups, Harry Potter brunches) which is exciting for those of us who don’t want to grow up. 

You write up the listings for Time Out Melbourne, what does a press release have to contain to get your attention?
Bright, high-res images! We are all very visual people, so an image is the first thing someone will notice when scrolling through their feed. It’s vital that everything we write up has a fun, punchy image to accompany it.

Upcoming Media Events

The Australian Outback Marathon (right)
Saturday 27th July, Northern Territory
A marathon that will take runners through majestic views of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. The flat course will showcase soft sand trails and a few sand dunes. The event will cater to participants of all levels, as there will be a full marathon, half marathon, 11km and 6km fun runs.

World Hepatitis Day
Sunday 28th July, Worldwide
Advocates across the globe will raise awareness of the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030.

Schools and National Tree Day (below)
Friday 26th and Sunday 28th July, Nationwide
Students and Australians will come together to take part in the nations’ largest tree-planting and nature project. Volunteers will engage in activities to promote environmental preservation.

Donate Life Week
Sunday 28th July to Sunday 4th August, Nationwide
A national awareness week promoting organ and tissue donation. Australians will be able to attend events and activities in their local areas to help spread awareness of organ and tissue donation and how it could help save lives.

King of the Mountain Festival
Sunday 28th July, Queensland
An annual event held in the Pomona Queensland. Local and International visitors can enjoy the day browsing at the various markets and enjoying live music. The highlight of the festival will see competitors racing up and down Mount Cooroora. 

Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival
Sunday 28th July, New South Wales
The Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival will showcase a traffic-free circuit. The marathon will be run on the M7 Shared Pathway.



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