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June 21, 2018

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet, featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. 

This Week's Media Movements

Iain Payten is the new editor-in-chief at Rugby.com.au. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, mostly covering sport, Iain has worked at News Corp Australia and the Daily Mail in London. 

Also joining Rugby.com.au is Sarah Friend, who will work as a reporter for the website. Sarah was previously a reporter for the Nine Network in Rockhampton, her first role in the industry.

Jessie Davies is now the features reporter at ABC Western Plains. She joins the radio station from The Canberra Times, where she worked as a producer. Prior to that, Jessie was a journalist for The Land, a role she held for three years. 

Australian News Channel and the Nine Network are partnering to launch a new 24-hour business, personal finance and luxury lifestyle channel called Your Money. Set to launch later this year, the channel will feature well-known business journalists such as Brooke Corte and Ticky Fullerton.

Matt de Groot is now also a contributor at 9Honey. He will do this on top of his regular role as a news reader at Nova 96.9. Matt is also a columnist at Yahoo!7 Be and a regular guest on Channel 7’s The Morning Show

Alex Harmon has been promoted to the role of editor at ellaslist.com.au, an online publication informing families of local kid-friendly events. She was previously the digital content and social media producer, a role she has held since 2016. Prior to joining ellaslist.com.au, Alex was the deputy editor of Practical Parenting magazine. 

Caitlin McArthur is now a senior journalist at The Swan Hill Guardian. Before joining the paper, she worked in various roles, including a journalist at The Northsider, social media manager at The Essential Caterer, and production assistant at C31 Melbourne.

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

World-first brain imaging study to understand mind blindness 

Pictured above: Associate Professor Joel Pearson speaking about Aphantasia       Image: UNSW   

To determine why some people cannot create visual images of people, places and things in their mind’s eye, UNSW scientists are planning to conduct a world-first brain imaging study of people with this condition, known as congenital aphantasia.

A team led by Associate Professor Joel Pearson has launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to carry out functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies to try and understand the neurological basis of mental imagery.

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Media Spotlight

Adam Harvey, Jakarta bureau chief and South-East Asia correspondent at the ABC
Adam Harvey is the Jakarta bureau chief and South East Asia correspondent for the ABC. Adam will soon start as the ABC's Middle East correspondent and will be based in Lebanon. For the new role, he will move to Beirut with his two young children and wife Eliza. The Walkley Award-winning newspaper journalist is also a former New York correspondent for News Limited. His Twitter handle is@adharves.

Why did you decide to become a foreign correspondent? 
I was always really keen to work overseas – I guess for the same reason that has pulled generations of journos offshore, including my dad: the adventure. My first formal posting was in New York, for News Limited, but I’d already travelled pretty extensively before that, and worked at newspapers in Europe.

Being a foreign correspondent can be very dangerous. How do you keep yourself safe on the field?  
Through careful planning of high-risk assignments, constant contact with head office to talk about the situation on the ground, and thinking about all sorts of hazards – which can be as mundane as a tired driver in outer Jakarta, or as extreme as a kidnap-for-ransom gang in the Philippines. Even the best planning can’t stop every hazard or every bullet. I’ve got a scar on my neck to remind me of that.

How do press releases help you in your work? 
Anything that provides new information or analysis is helpful in this job. It doesn’t matter how that info gets to you, whether it’s a conversation with a contact, or a press release from an NGO that alerts you to an expert on the ground who’s available for interview. The best press releases contain 24-hour contact details and links to astute analysis and vision or audio.

Upcoming Media Events

National Portrait Gallery. So FineNational Portrait Gallery Winter Exhibition (pictured right)
Friday 29th June, Canberra
The National Portrait Gallery is launching its winter exhibition called So Fine. It will feature contemporary works from various Australian female artists, with their interpretation of iconic elements of Australian history.

1st Malaria World Congress
Sunday 1st to Thursday 5th July, Melbourne
The 1st Malaria World Congress will be held in Melbourne. It will bring together 1,000 delegates from 69 countries to gather and share information in hopes to eliminate the illness. The keynote address will be given by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on the 2nd of July.

2018 Social Impact Festival
Sunday 1st to Tuesday 31st July, Perth
The festival will hold a series of events celebrating initiatives that bring about positive social change, with a focus on Western Australia. 

2018 Logie Awards (pictured below)
Sunday 1st July, Gold Coast
For the first time, the Logies will be held on the Gold Coast. The annual Australian television awards is in its 60th year. For the fourth year in a row, Dave “Hughesy” Hughes will open the awards.

Australian Mining Industry annual lecture
Monday 2nd July, Melbourne
Former Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb will deliver the annual Australian Mining Industry lecture. Andrew was one of the key negotiators for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

AAP Media Masterclass
Wednesday 11th July, Sydney and Wednesday 18th July, Melbourne
A half-day event to connect with and hear insights from leading media professionals from The Daily Telegraph, Seven's Sunrise, Herald Sun, Nine News and more. Participate in panel discussions, Q&A sessions and round-table workshops to perfect your pitch and media strategy. 

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