AAP Medianet - 4 May 2017

4 May 2017

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet newsletter featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events.

This Week's Media Movements

Jodie Williams will join Nova 96.9 later this month as its new Music Director. She will be leaving behind her role at 949 Power FM in Nowra NSW as the Announcer and Music Director. Jodie has also worked at Zoo FM, 100.9 ZZZ FM, and 6iX, in various roles such as Radio Announcer and Presenter.

Bernard Fanning and Tim Rogers will be heard on Double J this month. Bernard will be the Artist in Residence for the next four weeks. Tim will fill in for Myf Warhurst, who is away for Eurovision, as Weekday Host for one week and Alan Brough will present the week after.

Shed Media has launched a new publication called The Rub, which focuses on the superannuation sector. It will be edited by John Kavanagh. He has had previous experience writing about the finance sector, having worked at The Australian as Personal Finance Editor, Editor of Banking Day and Deputy Editor of Business Review Weekly.

Jono Coleman can now be heard on radio as the Presenter on Talking Lifestyle (formerly 2UE), looking after the nightshift from 9pm till midnight. Jono also works at Channel 10’s Studio 10 as a Writer and Presenter, and will be continuing in this role.

Smoothfm has added another big name to its all-star weekend lineup, with American band Blondie coming on board. Debbie Harry, Lead Singer, and Chris Stein, Guitarist, will be heard on smoothfm 95.3 Sydney, smoothfm 91.5 Melbourne and smoothfm DAB+ every Saturday until May 20th.

Richard Fowler returned to Breakfast Radio this week, joining 94.1FM as its Breakfast Presenter. He takes over the role from Gary Boughen, who has now become the Drive Presenter for the station, taking over the role from Gary Field.

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

MCG to Turn Pink in Support of Australians Affected by Breast Cancer 
Image: Breast Cancer Network Australia 

In support of Australians affected by breast cancer, football fans are encouraged to help turn the MCG pink on Sunday 7th May. 

The annual Pink Lady Match will take place in Round Seven of the Toyota AFL Premiership Season and will see Melbourne Football Club take on traditional rival Hawthorn Football Club in support of Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), the national organisation which works to ensure people affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care.

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Media Spotlight

Sam Cooney, Publisher, Director and Books Editor of TLB (The Lifted Brow) 

Sam Cooney runs the not-for-profit publishing organisation TLB, which produces a quarterly literary magazine (also titled The Lifted Brow), publishes books, posts commentary and criticism online every week, stages events, awards writing prizes and more. He is a publisher-in-residence at RMIT University, teaches sessionally at RMIT University and the University of Melbourne, and is a freelance writer and book reviewer. He judges literary prizes, sits on a couple of advisory boards, chairs events, and in 2017 is taking part in the Small Press Network mentorship program and the Australia Councils ‘Future Leaders’ professional development program. His Twitter handle is @SamuelCooney.

What is the biggest challenge of running a not-for-profit organisation in today's media landscape?
The single greatest challenge is running an organisation which produces ‘things’ (magazine issues, books, website content, events, etc) but not for a commercial reason. We live in a time and culture that largely ascribes value to anything by how much money it generates, so to work at making things where money-making is the last priority is an ongoing campaign against prevailing mindsets. The Lifted Brow seeks to generate revenue to continue its existence, but only through doing exactly what we feel is most needed in the industry – and that is the publishing of ideas, stories, viewpoints and experiences from those who don’t often if ever get a shot at communicating to a large audience, as well as training up-and-coming writers, artists, editors, publishers, and other industry specialists in their craft.

How do you juggle so many different roles? Any tips for managing a calendar?
I juggle roles out of pure necessity – because I need to earn a living wage outside of my TLB work, because I need training in how to do new tasks that become important to working within the industry, and because TLB is under-resourced and so sometimes I need to do tasks that in more-resourced organisations would be assigned to someone else.

My number one tip for managing a calendar is: learn to be honest with yourself about how long a certain task or project might take – don’t overestimate your ability to complete a task within a certain timeframe nor underestimate the resources that any task might take. This is something I am trying to improve on all the time.

The Lifted Brow 'focuses on finding and championing work from the artistic and/or demographic margins'. How much satisfaction do you get when you help somebody launch their career or gain exposure for their work that they otherwise wouldn't have had?
Sure, we feel proud for any individual who achieves any success – especially if that particular success is indeed what they wanted most for themselves and their work. But for us at TLB, any outcome is entirely eclipsed by the process. We don’t measure success by results, but by the quality of the process. In fact, for us the outcome is the process, or vice versa. And we're under no illusions that TLB ‘gives’ anyone any success – we are simply able to help facilitate people who are already brilliant.

How useful are press releases to keep on top of information from the publishing world? 
Definitely useful. We receive them mostly to find out what books are being published (and how and when and why), as well as what else is going on in our industry. Although it’s rarer and rarer these days that we aren’t seeing this information first via a social media platform, and then receiving the email after that.

Upcoming Media Events

2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival 
Thursday 4th - Sunday 21st May - Brisbane, QLD 
The nooks and crannies of Brisbane will explode with over 500 performances in places you'd least expect them to. Theatre in car parks, comedy in laneways, opera in reservoirs, dance in stairwells and quirky workshops exploring arts and craft from cooking to jewellery-making will feature in the 2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Sleep at the G annual fundraiser for homelessness
Thursday 4th May - Melbourne, VIC 
At least 1000 Victorians are expected to participate in the 5th annual 'Sleep at the G' to raise funds for homelessness.
This event is organised by Melbourne City Mission.

Free Comic Book Day in book stores, libraries & comic shops nationwide
Saturday 6th May - Nationwide 
A worldwide event to promote retailers, literacy and sequential storytelling. Thousands of movie, book and comic fans will be on the streets across Australia, picking up free books, meeting creators and wearing fancy dress.

Sophisticated Ladies - a Tribute to 100 Years of Ella Fitzgerald
Saturday 6th May - Sydney, NSW 
Concert featuring 7 Australian divas, paying tribute to 100 years of Ella Fitzgerald. An event put on by two independent singers, at the Opera House and raising funds for Lifeline.

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