AAP Medianet - 7 February 2019


February 07, 2019

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet, featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. To keep with movements as they happen, follow @aapmedianet

This Week's Media Movements


Sarah Ferguson will be joining the ABC’s China bureau as its bureau chief later this year. Currently, she is completing a three-part documentary series called Revelation for ABC TV. Sarah has finished up as the host of ABC’s Four Corners program.

Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown will soon be hosting a new show on Network 10 called Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway. The pair will be joined by Beau Ryan, who was previously a contributor on Nine’s Footy Show. Chris and Julia’s show will air on the 24th of February.

Mamamia has launched a new podcast called The Baby Bubble for parents or people wondering what new parenthood is like. The weekly series will be hosted by Zoe Marshall and Sean Szeps.

Dannii McMurrich is joining the breakfast team at Hot 100 Darwin as a co-host alongside Taz Eriksen. Dannii will relocate to Darwin from the Central Coast. The show will air on the 11th of February and will be directed by Dave Daly.

Brittany Smith is now a senior feature writer at Take 5 magazine. She has been with Bauer Media for over five years, joining in 2014 as an editorial intern for Woman’s Day magazine.

Jeremy Simpson has been promoted to group general manager, national sales and marketing at Grant Broadcasters. He joined the broadcaster in 2016 as a national marketing director. Prior to that, he was at Southern Cross Austereo.  
Tom Williams has joined the ABC as a planning producer. He was previously at Evolve Media. During his five years with the publisher, he worked as a reporter and news editor across several of its publications, including The Fashion Spot Australia and Crave Australia (now known as Mandatory).

Pablo Viñales will be moving to Canberra to join the SBS News team. Currently, he is a reporter and producer for SBS's The Feed program. Prior to joining SBS, he was a news reporter at the ABC.

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

Powerful new technology maps Townsville floods in near real-time

                                                                                      Image: UNSW School of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Using European satellites that are fitted with radar imaging technology, able to penetrate cloud cover, UNSW Sydney researchers are providing accurate maps of the Townsville flood frontier within an hour using the latest satellite radar imaging technology.

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Media Spotlight

Justin Hill, Red Carpet Presenter at 2Day FM 
Justin Hill is a TV presenter, radio host, Red Carpet reporter, producer and social media expert. He can be heard across the Hit Network, talking all things gossip and celebrities. Justin has interviewed the who’s who of celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry. He is a self-confessed fashionista and is known for the unique bow ties that he wears to premieres and events. His Twitter handle is @Jus_Hill

Last year, you launched a new show called FaceTime with Justin Hill, a filter-free and personal look into the lives of celebrities. What surprising things have come out of this?
These days, I really feel like you just don’t know if you’re onto a winner when it comes to an idea. When this popped into my head in the shower, deep down I could feel it was such a unique idea and people would love it. I’ve vowed to never be a reporter who EVER does a plain, vanilla interview and this seemed to fit that vow. I’ve also seen Oprah use the exact same format since my series ended, so it’s not very often you can say Oprah stole your idea!

With your experience interviewing celebrities, how do you ensure an interview runs smoothly?
Do your homework. I always go into an interview with an icebreaker. It could be something the celeb posted an Instagram story on that morning or an unknown love or passion of theirs that they casually once mentioned in a random interview. The one thing I’ve learned over the years is that they are as nervous as I am, so if I can ease that then everyone relaxes and we get a great chat.

As someone with multiple roles, what time management tips can you offer?
Get used to working on little sleep and a lot of coffee. Seriously though, ensure any downtime or spare time you have is used wisely. Allocate yourself some time to do what makes you happy, and by no means does that mean switch off your phone and stare at a wall. People who say that a social detox is the way to do it are not always right. If scrolling through videos of puppies being cute makes you happy, do that for 30 mins.

What essentials must an event press release contain to strike your interest?
STRIKING headline. SHORT in length. A UNIQUE angle – and don’t try and tell me something is exciting when you and I know it’s not. If your event is not the most groundbreaking event I’ve ever seen, look for an angle that will appeal to me. Finally, never, ever start an email with ‘Hi there’; those get deleted.

Upcoming Media Events

Perth Festival (pictured right) perth festival
Friday 8th February to Sunday 3rd March, Perth
For 66 years, the Perth Festival has been a part of the Perth scene. It brings together artists, musicians, performers and writers from Western Australia and around the world. 

The Model Citizen - exhibition 
Friday 8th February to Saturday 23rd March, Melbourne
An exhibition by RMIT University that challenges the notion of model citizenship, offering up ways to transform the processes of citizenship itself. 

Saturday 9th February, Sydney 
This year, Tropfest will premiere its 16 finalist films at a new location in Parramatta Park.

2019 Laneway Festival (pictured below)
Saturday 9th February, Melbourne
Laneway Festival’s 2019 Melbourne lineup includes Gang of Youths and Courtney Barnett.  

Laneway Festival National Pet Adoption Day
Saturday 9th February, Nationwide
Hosted by PETstock Assist and PetRescue, National Pet Adoption Day is an initiative to find permanent homes for pets around Australia.

BrisAsia Festival 2019
Saturday 9th February to Sunday 3rd March, Brisbane
The festival will run across various venues and suburbs to celebrate Brisbane's Asian culture.

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