AAP Medianet - 7 September 2017


September 7, 2017

Welcome to this week's AAP Medianet newsletter featuring notable career moves and publication changes in the media industry, our Editor's pick for news release of the week and upcoming events. 

This Week's Media Movements

Greig Pickhaver aka HG Nelson has announced his new series coming to SBS called Secret of our Cities. Greig has an extensive media career starting at 3RRR in Melbourne in the early 1980s. Most known as one half of Roy and HG, Greig co-hosted the radio program, This Sporting Life, for 22 years until 2008. Greg is the current Host of Triple M’s The Sporting Probe with Roy and HG. Greig's new program will begin on Tuesday 26th September at 7.30pm. 

Andrew Clennell will be joining the The Australian as the NSW Political Editor. Andrew is currently employed by Newscorp as the State Political Editor for The Daily Telegraph. Before working for The Daily Telegraph in 2010, Andrew was a State Political Reporter and Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Brad Norington has been moved to the newly created role as Associate Editor in charge of investigation for The Australian. Brad was previously the Associate Editor and NSW Political Editor for the same outlet.

Tim Dodd >has been named as the Higher Education Editor of The Australian. Tim is moving across from The Australian Financial Review where he has been the Education Editor for the past five years. 

Simon Bouda is returning to A Current Affair as a Crime Editor starting October. Simon has been a crime reporter since the 1980s. Simon currently is the Crime Editor for Channel Nine Sydney News.

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week...

Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day at the museum
Image: Australian National Maritime Museum   

To celebrate International talk like a pirate day the Australian National Maritime Museum is hosting a special family event on Sunday 10th September full of adventuring fun and pirate skullduggery.

International talk like a pirate day was created in 1995 by Americans John Baur and Mark Summers. Since then it has spread across the world, held each year on 19th September. 

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Media Spotlight

Katrina Strickland, Editor of Good Weekend
Katrina Strickland is the Editor of Good Weekend, a magazine inserted into The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age every Saturday. She was previously Editor of The Australian Financial Review Magazine and, prior to that, worked as an Arts Editor and Reporter for both The Australian Financial Review and The Australian newspapers. Her Twitter handle is @katrinastrick.

What is your opinion on the future of feature writing and long-form journalism in Australia?
Nothing beats a long read for feeding both the brain and the soul. We've all been tempted by the short and superficial, but I sense our appetite for more sustaining reads is coming back. Put another way: hamburgers are fun but they don't always fill you up; sometimes you crave a quality steak - especially after too many hamburgers.

You are the author of Affairs of the Art: Love, Loss and Power in the Art World. What prompted you to write this book, and what was it like putting it together?
Watching the widows of some of Australia's best known artists handle the estates of their deceased husbands made me wonder what it would be like to be in their shoes. Writing the book was difficult, nerve-wracking, confidence-busting, and occasionally joyous - the latter only once it was finished. 

Instagram is slowly becoming a platform that more journalists are embracing; however, many are still reluctant.  How do you use Instagram?  
I am a big fan of Instagram. I use it to keep up to date with what's going on in a wide range of fields, to promote the magazine, to amuse those who might be interested in my take on things, and to give myself a mental break. My only gripe: it's highly addictive and sucks up time.

What makes a news item interesting for you?
Things I didn't know; people and issues that I'm interested in.

Upcoming Media Events

International Literacy Day 
Friday 8th September 
An opportunity for Governments, civil society and stakeholders to highlight improvements in world literacy rates, and reflect on the world's remaining literacy challenges. This year’s theme is ‘Literacy in a digital world’.

Kimberley Writers Festival
Friday 8th to Sunday 10th September, Kununurra, WA
The festival aims to entertain and inspire the community of the East Kimberley. A variety of authors, musicians, songwriters, storytellers and illustrators will share their life stories and love of the written and spoken word.

World First Aid Day (pictured above)
Saturday 9th September
Almost half a million Australians are admitted to hospitals every year as a result of injury. World First Aid Day highlights the importance of first aid training and awareness. This year, Australian Red Cross is focusing on domestic and workplace accidents.

Brisbane Festival
Saturday 9th to Saturday 30th September, Brisbane
Queensland’s largest arts and cultural event, attracting an audience of more than one million people every September. This year’s Festival offers more than 500 performances and culminates in Australia’s longest fireworks display, Sunsuper Riverfire.

Bicycle Network’s Gravel Grit (pictured left)
Sunday 10th September, Watagans National Parks, Central Coast, NSW
Up to 300 cyclists will compete in a unique event that offers something different and an escape from the hustle and bustle. 

World Suicide Prevention Day
Sunday 10th September
Numerous events, conferences, campaigns and local activities call to public attention one of the world’s largest causes of premature and unnecessary death – suicide.
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