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Great news of Greste’s release

Journalists around the world have cheered the release after 400 days in Egyptian prisons of Australian journalist Peter Greste.

Greste was freed from Cairo’s Tora Prison on 1 February and was flown to Cyprus before heading back to a reunion with his parents and brothers in Brisbane.

Melbourne Press Club president Michael Rowland warmly welcomed news of Greste’s release.

“We pay tribute to Peter’s parents and brothers for their tireless campaigning over the past 400 days,” Rowland said.

“Peter should not of course have been jailed in the first place and we continue to urge the Egyptian government to also release his Al-Jazeera colleagues, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed.”

An Egyptian security official quoted by Reuters said Mohamed Fahmy, Al-Jazeera’s Canadian-Egyptian bureau chief, would be released “within days”.

There were no details on the likely fate of Baher Mohamed, an Egyptian national.

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