New Quill Recognises Indigenous Affairs Reporting

The Melbourne Press Club is pleased to announce a new Quill Award recognising the best in Victorian Indigenous Affairs reporting.

The Quill for Recognising Excellence in Indigenous Affairs Reporting encourages journalism that highlights and amplifies Indigenous voices and storiesfacilitates and brings about societal debate and/or policy change, and builds strength, visibility and pride in Victorian Aboriginal culture, history and achievement.

This award is open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous journalists who work in either Indigenous or mainstream media across Victoria and carries a $3,000 cash prize. The majority of the four judges for this award will identify as being of Indigenous background. Full category criteria can be found here.

Entrants must be employed by a media organisation that is based in Victoria or conducts substantial publishing or broadcasting activities in Victoria. See our Conditions of Entry for details.

This new award has been developed from a proposal by the MPC diversity sub-committee. We thank members Tito Ambyo, Bridget Brennan, Rachael Dexter, Madeline Hayman-Reber, Nick McKenzie and Heidi Murphy, as well as former member Jason Mifsud, for their work.

More detail about the award can be found on our category criteria page.

Entries for all 2020 Quill Awards categories will open on our website in early December. Winners will be announced at the Quill Awards Dinner, to be held in March/April 2021.



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