The Edit talks about Trauma

In September The Edit assembled a special panel to discuss post-traumatic stress. The panel, made up of veteran foreign correspondent Peter Cave, director of the Dart Center Asia Pacific Dr Cait McMahon, and lawyer Heidi Edwards (who sheltered as gunmen attacked the Westgate Shopping Mall in Kenya) shared their experience and offered valuable advice on reporting on, and dealing with, trauma.
Links and materials:
Dr Cait McMahon recommended some good places to go for help dealing with trauma:

1. Find a Psychologist
A database run by the Australian Psychological Society. Cait suggested searching trauma - then interviewing the psychologist to make sure they know their stuff.

2. Traumatic Stress Clinic
Based at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research, UNSW - but they work remotely and can at the very least give you some advice about a good psychologist to see in Melbourne.

3. Phoenix Australia
Phoenix Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and national centre of excellence that promotes recovery for the 15 million Australians affected by trauma. Phoenix Australia can refer you to qualified support.

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