2015 events

Events from 2015.

2015 events

The Edit: Christmas Party with Hamish Macdonald

14 December 2015

The Edit celebrated the end of the year and Christmas with foreign correspondent Hamish Macdonald, a veteran of Al Jazeera and Channel Ten

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Telling Digital Tales: Lunch with Jeremy Gilbert

10 November 2015

As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Jeremy Gilbert has created unique digital products and storytelling experiences for the legendary <em>Washington Post</em>.

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The Edit: with Michael Bachelard & Louise Milligan

09 November 2015

In November 2015, Age Investigations Editor Michael Bachelard & ABC 7.30 Investigative Reporter Louise Milligan joined The Edit to talk sources and stories.

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The Edit launches with Nick McKenzie, Ruth Lamperd & Sam Clark

24 August 2015

The Edit launched in August 2015 with a fascinating informal discussion by three leading Melbourne-based investigative journalists.

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David Weisbrot, chair of the Australian Press Council

04 August 2015

Since taking over as chair of the Australian Press Council in March, Professor David Weisbrot has proved an 
energetic and outspoken supporter of journalism at a time of great challenges to the industry.

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State of Suppression: Justice served or hidden?

09 July 2015

The use of suppression orders by courts to stop publication of the sensitive details of legal proceedings has grown rapidly in recent years – especially in Victoria.

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Fighting for Justice: Lunch with Peter Greste

24 June 2015

Journalist Peter Greste was freed from an Egyptian prison in February after being held for 14 months on discredited terror charges – but his fight for justice is far from over.

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Labor's Plan for Victoria: Lunch with the Premier

17 June 2015

Premier Andrews joined us to talk about the 'shake-up' he says Victoria needs, focusing on the state's new jobs and investment panel, the government's 'China strategy' and its tourism and major events focus.

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The Waiting Room – Lunch with Kylie & Alan Trounson

07 May 2015

Ahead of the MTC's premiere of The Waiting Room, playwright Kylie Trounson and her father, Prof Alan Trounson, joined us to talk about IVF.

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