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Recent Melbourne Press Club events are available as audio podcasts through iTunes and other podcast apps. You can also watch our back catalogue of videos by visiting the MPC YouTube channel.

Recent events

The Challenge of Extremism

29 May 2019

Watch the discussion on challenging extremism and media responsibilities

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The 2019 Budget Briefing

28 May 2019

Tim Pallas MP details his fifth state budget

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The Price of the Writing Life

23 May 2019

Half the Perfect World authors talk about George Johnston and Charmian Clift's legacy with Martin Flanagan

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Australian Cricket's New Pitch

28 March 2019

CA Chief Kevin Roberts on rebuilding public trust

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Hayne Didn't Go Far Enough: MPC Panel

02 March 2019

Experts say tougher penalties and more sweeping reforms are essential.

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Sally McManus: Fighting for the Fair Go

Listen to and watch the ACTU Secretary's speech launching her new book On Fairness

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Lawyers Lament Politicians Tough Talk on Crime

MPC Election Forum told mandatory sentencing won’t solve violent offending

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Archbishop: Church must earn back trust

30 August 2018

Melbourne’s new Catholic leader meets the Press

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The Great Thrall of China

25 July 2018

China’s ascendence and influence demands robust media attention, the expert panel agreed.

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Standing up for the ABC

19 June 2018

ABC chief Michelle Guthrie calls on critics to stop using the broadcaster as "a punching bag"    

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Jobs After Journalism

06 June 2018

A global view of the fallout from newsroom redundancies

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The Great Australian Airport Bite

25 May 2018

Lunch with Professor Graeme Samuel AC

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The ABC of News in the Age of Fake

10 May 2018

Lunch with ABC News chief Gaven Morris

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Pallas Budget Briefing

01 May 2018

A joint VECCI - Melbourne Press Club budget briefing with Tim Pallas

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Melbourne’s Mayoral Candidates Meet the Press

26 April 2018

Forum details policy priorities in city by-election.

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The Fight to Defend Quality Journalism

19 April 2018

Meet the new Press Council Chair Neville Stevens

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Celebrating Ron Tandberg's life and career

05 March 2018

Speeches from the launch of 'A Year of Madness' book and exhibition

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The Global Correspondent

02 March 2018

John Pilger in conversation with Michael Bachelard

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2018 C.E.W. Bean Foundation Dinner

22 February 2018

Read Paul Kelly's speech "Chester Wilmot: war correspondent, historian, interpreter of worlds"

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The Rabble Rousers

01 February 2018

Lunch with three of Australia's best news columnists

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