Past events

Recent Melbourne Press Club events are available as audio podcasts through iTunes and other podcast apps. You can also watch our back catalogue of videos by visiting the MPC YouTube channel.

2019 events

Sally McManus: Fighting for the Fair Go

Listen to and watch the ACTU Secretary's speech launching her new book On Fairness

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2018 events

Lawyers Lament Politicians Tough Talk on Crime

MPC Election Forum told mandatory sentencing won’t solve violent offending

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2016 events

Phillip Schuler book launch

The launch of Mark Baker’s book Phillip Schuler: The Remarkable Life of One of Australia’s Greatest War Correspondents - with Les Carlyon, celebrated editor, writer and historian.

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Budget briefing - Lunch with Treasurer Tim Pallas

Treasurer Tim Pallas joined a special event to explore key features of the budget.

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Back to the Herald - the Class of '66

Half a century ago, The Herald of Melbourne was one of the most successful afternoon newspapers in the English-speaking world.

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2015 events

2015 Melbourne Press Freedom dinner photos

See a slideshow of photos from the night.

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2015 Melbourne Press Freedom Dinner speeches

Videos of speeches from the inuaugural event

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Keating and Beyond with Kerry O'Brien

Veteran political interviewer Kerry O'Brien takes an MPC audience through his blockbuster book of interviews with the ever intriguing and controversial Paul Keating.

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Graham Perkin memorial dinner

The MPC marked the 40th anniversary of Graham Perkin's death with a special dinner featuring tributes from some of the big names in Australian journalism. 

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2015 Graham Perkin dinner photos

Photos from the 2015 Graham Perkin memorial dinner.

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Women CEOs leading the way

While there’s a lot more work to be done to increase the representation of women in executive ranks, a group of dynamic women has quietly taken the Australian leadership of major multinational technology companies.

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Beyond the Big "R" Life after Redundancy

La Trobe’s Associate Professor Lawrie Zion hosted a discussion with three distinguished colleagues who have taken redundancy and discovered life beyond our shrinking metropolitan newsrooms.

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Noel's Party Line: Lunch with Noel Tennison

A lunch with journalist, raconteur, PR maestro and former Press Club president Noel Tennison

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2013 events

Lunch with Colleen Ryan

Former Australian Financial Review editor Colleen Ryan's latest book Fairfax: The Rise and Fall is billed as a devastating expose of Fairfax Media's rollercoaster ride from the folly of Young Warwick to the challenge of Gina Rinehart. 

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2012 events

Corporate Lunch with Monash VC Professor Ed Byrne

Can our universities continue to compete with the best of Europe and America and the massive resources pouring into research and education in Asia?

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