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2022 events

Watch now: Reporting on suicide and mental illness

15 November 2022

A Masterclass featuring Rachel Green, Osher Günsberg, Dr Jaelea Skehan & Sophie Scott

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The great Australian dream, riding a perfect storm

21 October 2022

An MPC corporate lunch with real estate and finance leaders on the future of Victoria's property sector.

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Defamation Nation - Current cases and the reform agenda

18 October 2022

Is defamation law reform working for plaintiffs, the media or the public?

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Bringing the T20 World Cup together

05 October 2022

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Local Organising Committee CEO Michelle Enright on this year's event.

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Webinar – Funding your important social justice story

29 September 2022

Join us to hear what judges of the Michael Gordon Journalism Fellowships look for in a story pitch, ask questions about application criteria and ideas, and learn more about Michael and the importance of this program.

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No State Of Rest – The rise and rise of Victorian racing

28 September 2022

New Racing Victoria chief executive Andrew Jones on the future of Victorian Thoroughbred Racing.

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Book club: Anita Jacoby – When truth is more fascinating than fiction

31 August 2022

Join us for a special Book Club event with Anita Jacoby, in conversation with MPC president Ashlynne McGhee, and hear the stories behind a true-life mystery and what happens when world and local history collide with family secrets.

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Bachar Houli on sport’s power to connect communities

24 August 2022

Richmond’s Bachar Houli understands the capacity sport has to promote social cohesion and bring people together on and off the field.

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Masterclass: Investigating fraud with Sarah Danckert, Matt Fehon AM & Jason Preston

28 July 2022

Find out how to find and research stories about fraud, and how to cover your own legal bases as you go, at this special MPC Masterclass event.

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Masterclass webinar: How the media can amplify young voices

13 July 2022

Learn from young people and the journalists reporting on them how the media can elevate representation of Australia's youth.

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Masterclass: Public information mining with Ben Butler and Chris Vedelago

01 June 2022

Learn how to navigate the opaque – and often hostile – public information channels of freedom of information, business, property and court searches.

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State Budget Lunch with Tim Pallas MP

04 May 2022

The day after handing down the 2022-23 State Budget, Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas will outline its key features and impact on Victoria’s economic recovery.

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Media Iftar Dinner 2022

28 April 2022

The Melbourne Press Club & the AIS are delighted to host this annual Ramadan lftar dinner

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The future for Victorian business with VCCI's Paul Guerra

28 April 2022

How are Victorian businesses recovering from the pandemic? What challenges lie ahead? Can we boost the state’s recovery while securing its future?

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Jon Faine: A true tall tale

20 April 2022

The pitch for Jon Faine’s new book reads more like a work of fiction than a biography.

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Webinar: Resilience and reinvention after Upheaval

13 April 2022

We are used to hearing discussion of the media focus on lay-offs, shut-downs, attacks and declining revenue, but is the industry on the verge of a long-awaited uptick?

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Sally Capp on bringing Melbourne back

06 April 2022

Melbourne has endured one of the longest COVID-19 lockdown periods of any city in the world, but the experience has only fortified its resolve.

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The 2021 Quill Awards Dinner

18 March 2022

Booking are open for our annual gala dinner celebrating exceptional journalism

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Masterclass: Data Journalism with Craig Butt

23 February 2022

Hear from award-winning journalist Craig Butt on how to create exceptional data-driven stories at this special MPC Masterclass event.

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2021 events

Signing off: Outgoing ABC news chief Gaven Morris

01 December 2021

Having stewarded ABC News for six years, Gaven Morris has announced he will soon depart the national broadcaster. What lies ahead for both him and Aunty?

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Lisa Millar: Daring to Fly

10 November 2021

Join us for a special in-person Book Club event with Lisa, moderated by her ABC News Breakfast co-host Michael Rowland.

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Victoria’s Truth and Justice Process

21 October 2021

Wurundjeri and Ngurai illum Wurrung woman Sue-Anne Hunter and Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Prevention of Family Violence and Women Gabrielle Williams on the Victorian truth and justice process

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Reporting, newsrooms and mental health

22 September 2021

Now more than ever journalists and news crews must take extra care of their mental health as they report on the issues of the day.

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The Media and Health Literacy

08 September 2021

What is the media's role in communicating medical news?

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Planning Victoria’s post-COVID Business Recovery

07 July 2021

VCCI Chief Executive Paul Guerra on Victorian business' post-COVID recovery.

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From the ground in India

06 July 2021

Perspectives of a journalist and a humanitarian

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The Girl Remains: Katherine Firkin in conversation with Corrie Perkin

03 June 2021

Melbourne journalist-turned-crime writer Katherine Firkin to discuss her new thriller.

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2021 Post-Budget Lunch with Tim Pallas MP

21 May 2021

Presented by Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Melbourne Press Club

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Media Iftar Dinner 2021

11 May 2021

Join us for a special Ramadan Iftar dinner hosted by the Australian Intercultural Society

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Masterclass: Court reporting with Judge Liz Gaynor and lawyer Justin Quill

27 April 2021

Hear from leading legal voices and boost your court reporting skillset at a special Melbourne Press Club Masterclass event.

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2020 events

The Social and Emotional Toll of a Pandemic

16 December 2020

With Professor Patrick McGorry and State Coroner John Cain

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Victoria's Energy Future

08 December 2020

Watch the recap of our webinar with Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio

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The High Road with Laura Tingle

04 December 2020

ABC 7.30 chief political correspondent discusses her new Quarterly Essay with Corrie Perkin-

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Creativity: A short and cheerful guide

30 November 2020

John Cleese discusses how everyone can find time to be creative.

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Jane Harper in conversation with Corrie Perkin

25 November 2020

A special book club webinar discussing the author's new book The Survivors

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Masterclass: How to read a budget

18 November 2020

Watch our masterclass with Heidi Murphy, Grant McArthur and Richard Willingham

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Responding to COVID-19

05 October 2020

View highlights from the discussion here

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Moving the Goal Posts

29 September 2020

View the full webinar here

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In Conversation with Sally Capp

16 September 2020

Capping off our 104th Lord Mayor’s first term

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Leigh Sales Discusses Any Ordinary Day

01 September 2020

In conversation with Corrie Perkin

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Back in the Game: Covering Footy During COVID-19

04 June 2020

Watch the webinar recorded on the eve of football's return

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What are your rights if you are raided?

22 April 2020

Watch our webinar with ABC journalist John Lyons and senior media lawyer Peter Bartlett

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2019 events

Low-carbon transition will ‘happen gradually, then suddenly’: Garnaut

13 November 2019

Ross Garnaut on his new book about our renewable future

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Faine: ABC Needs More Mongrel, More Money

02 October 2019

Retiring ABC broadcaster in conversation with Mary Gearin

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End Parental Leave Double Standard: Crabb

10 September 2019

Author Launches New Quarterly Essay at MPC Lunch

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Banking Lobby Likely to Scuttle Hayne reforms, says Fels

04 September 2019

Fels launches new memoir at MPC media lunch

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Sundays Bloody Sundays

23 August 2019

Celebrating the launch of three Sunday papers on one day in 1989

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Sport Can 'Lead and Change our Nation': Nicole Livingstone

22 August 2019

Head of AFLW delivers 17th Bob Rose Lecture

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Google and Facebook can and must be controlled: Sims

13 August 2019

ACCC chief urges government action to defend consumers and media diversity

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Laws Must Protect not Punish Whistleblowers: Senator

25 June 2019

Rex Patrick calls for an end to the prosecution of former ATO staffer Richard Boyle

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Bringing Hope to the Slums

20 June 2019

A lunch with Asha Society's Kiran Martin

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The Challenge of Extremism

29 May 2019

Watch the discussion on challenging extremism and media responsibilities

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The 2019 Budget Briefing

28 May 2019

Tim Pallas MP details his fifth state budget

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The Price of the Writing Life

23 May 2019

Half the Perfect World authors talk about George Johnston and Charmian Clift's legacy with Martin Flanagan

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Australian Cricket's New Pitch

28 March 2019

CA Chief Kevin Roberts on rebuilding public trust

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Hayne Didn't Go Far Enough: MPC Panel

02 March 2019

Experts say tougher penalties and more sweeping reforms are essential.

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2018 events

Archbishop: Church must earn back trust

30 August 2018

Melbourne’s new Catholic leader meets the Press

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The Great Thrall of China

25 July 2018

China’s ascendence and influence demands robust media attention, the expert panel agreed.

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Standing up for the ABC

19 June 2018

ABC chief Michelle Guthrie calls on critics to stop using the broadcaster as "a punching bag"    

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Jobs After Journalism

06 June 2018

A global view of the fallout from newsroom redundancies

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The Great Australian Airport Bite

25 May 2018

Lunch with Professor Graeme Samuel AC

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The ABC of News in the Age of Fake

10 May 2018

Lunch with ABC News chief Gaven Morris

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Pallas Budget Briefing

01 May 2018

A joint VECCI - Melbourne Press Club budget briefing with Tim Pallas

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Melbourne’s Mayoral Candidates Meet the Press

26 April 2018

Forum details policy priorities in city by-election.

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The Fight to Defend Quality Journalism

19 April 2018

Meet the new Press Council Chair Neville Stevens

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Celebrating Ron Tandberg's life and career

05 March 2018

Speeches from the launch of 'A Year of Madness' book and exhibition

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The Global Correspondent

02 March 2018

John Pilger in conversation with Michael Bachelard

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2018 C.E.W. Bean Foundation Dinner

22 February 2018

Read Paul Kelly's speech "Chester Wilmot: war correspondent, historian, interpreter of worlds"

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The Rabble Rousers

01 February 2018

Lunch with three of Australia's best news columnists

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2017 events

Coasting to Gold in 2018

27 October 2017

Watch the video: Commonwealth Games chiefs and star athletes preview next year's event    

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Cybersecurity in our Age

11 October 2017

Lunch with Luke Dembosky

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Lunch with Laurie Oakes

14 September 2017

Laurie Oakes' retirement address - on media, politics and the past.

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Fake News Fightback

29 August 2017

Tonya Mosley and Aaron Glantz on the impacts of the Trump presidency on US media and society.

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Donating the Gift of Life

02 August 2017

Transplant surgeon Bob Jones with three journalists who made the cut

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The Future of News

25 July 2017

Michael Miller on the challenges and opportunities ahead 

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The Defamation Threat

17 May 2017

Facing a real challenge to free speech

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The Budget Briefing

03 May 2017

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas discusses his third budget

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The Edit: FOI Masterclass

01 May 2017

Herald Sun FOI Editor Fiona Hudson answers all your FOI-related questions

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What Next for ABC News?

28 March 2017

ABC executive Gaven Morris talks about the future of digital news

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Women's AFL: A League of Their Own

01 March 2017

Lunch with Gillon McLachlan, Aasta O’Connor & Sam Lane

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Giving up a Lifetime of Crime: Ron Iddles with John Silvester

22 February 2017

Watch video of Ron Iddles' '25 years of homicide investigation in 25 minutes'

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The Voters in Revolt: Lunch with Bob Katter

02 February 2017

Video of Bob's lunchtime talk now online

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2016 events

Media Hall of Fame cartooning exhibition opens

07 December 2016

'The Premier and the Pen' launched with a powerful political message from John Cain.  

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Gender in Media: Lunch with Madeline Di Nonno

02 December 2016

Leading the campaign for gender balance in the entertainment industry.

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'The Newsman': Lunch with Mal Walden

27 October 2016

Celebrating the launch of The Newsman: 60 Years of Television

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14th Bob Rose Lecture with Brian Nankervis

08 September 2016

The 14th Annual Robert Rose Lecture was presented by writer, film and TV producer, and comedian Brian Nankervis. 

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The Edit discusses journalism and trauma

05 September 2016

An important discussion of the toll exposure to trauma can take on reporters and sources

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Fighting for our Copyright

17 August 2016

Lunch with Copyright Agency chairman Kim Williams

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Behind the Panama Papers

09 August 2016

Gerard Ryle and Nick McKenzie on one of the biggest scoops of the decade

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Derryn Hinch takes on Canberra

05 August 2016

The new Victorian Senator discusses details of his parliamentary agenda

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Paul Farrell at The Edit

25 July 2016

Paul Farrell of the Guardian spoke to young journalists at our most recent Edit event.

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Lunch with Monash VC Professor Margaret Gardner

08 June 2016

Monash University Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Gardner AO joined us for a lunch address in June 2016.

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Peter Doherty & Sharon Lewin on fighting global diseases

01 June 2016

Nobel Laureate Professor Doherty and Doherty Institute director Professor Lewin on the continuing threat of infectious diseases and the importance of science communication.

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Anna Nemtsova & journalism in the post-Soviet states

09 May 2016

Russian journalist Anna Nemtsova on the challenges of working in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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Blowing the Whistle on Corporate Corruption

14 April 2016

A panel on the scandals exposed by the work of tenacious journalists and courageous whistleblowers.

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Rewriting the Media Rules, lunch with Mitch Fifield

30 March 2016

Senator Fifield on reforms that would free the media from ‘the cast-iron shackles’ of outdated laws.

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Cocktails with Cleese

17 March 2016

Comedy legend John Cleese joined 774 ABC presenter Jon Faine at an evening event to talk about the state of the media, those tabloids, Cleese's autobiography and his belief that the world is falling apart.

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Digital Invaders in our media patch

28 January 2016

Recent technological evolutions have allowed for a rush of ambitious new players, challenging the strongholds of established media.

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2015 events

Telling Digital Tales: Lunch with Jeremy Gilbert

10 November 2015

As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Jeremy Gilbert has created unique digital products and storytelling experiences for the legendary <em>Washington Post</em>.

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David Weisbrot, chair of the Australian Press Council

04 August 2015

Since taking over as chair of the Australian Press Council in March, Professor David Weisbrot has proved an 
energetic and outspoken supporter of journalism at a time of great challenges to the industry.

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State of Suppression: Justice served or hidden?

09 July 2015

The use of suppression orders by courts to stop publication of the sensitive details of legal proceedings has grown rapidly in recent years – especially in Victoria.

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Fighting for Justice: Lunch with Peter Greste

24 June 2015

Journalist Peter Greste was freed from an Egyptian prison in February after being held for 14 months on discredited terror charges – but his fight for justice is far from over.

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Labor's Plan for Victoria: Lunch with the Premier

17 June 2015

Premier Andrews joined us to talk about the 'shake-up' he says Victoria needs, focusing on the state's new jobs and investment panel, the government's 'China strategy' and its tourism and major events focus.

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The Waiting Room – Lunch with Kylie & Alan Trounson

07 May 2015

Ahead of the MTC's premiere of The Waiting Room, playwright Kylie Trounson and her father, Prof Alan Trounson, joined us to talk about IVF.

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2014 events

A Fair Australia – Worth Fighting For with Bill Shorten

20 February 2014

In his first visit to the Melbourne Press Club since being elected Labor Leader, Bill Shorten outlined his priorities for 2014.

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2013 events

Futures of Investigative Journalism Public Lecture

17 December 2013

Investigative journalism is one of the few independent checks on the excesses of government, corrupt officials and corporate scoundrels. Such journalism is expensive to produce, takes a long time and risks expensive legal proceedings. 

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The new News chief - safe hands or a visionary?

04 December 2013

Julian Clarke is said to have been entrusted with the CEO role at News Corp Australia because he provides stability in tough times.

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Gerard Ryle in conversation with Bill Birnbauer

26 November 2013

In April 2013, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published the first of a series of astonishing reports revealing the secret financial records of tens of thousands of people in more than 170 countries linked to offshore companies and trusts. What became one of the biggest multi-country investigations in history started in 2011 when then-Fairfax Media investigative journalist Gerard Ryle received a mysterious package in the post: a hard drive containing 2.5 million digital files.

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Ashes to Bashes – Too much cricket or never enough?

13 November 2013

ANOTHER Ashes series is just weeks away. A much anticipated KFC T20 Big Bash season is also upon us, and this time it’s free on our TVs. 

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Spring Racing book launch: They Hit the Line

17 October 2013

Celebrate the romance of racing and some of the greatest horses to have graced the track at The Melbourne Press Club’s Spring Racing Carnival luncheon. 

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John Bertrand - America's Cup 30 years on and lessons for leadership

18 September 2013

It was hailed as the greatest team performance in two centuries of Australian sport.  On 26 September 1983, John Bertrand and his crew aboard Australia II won the 7th and final race of the America’s Cup series off Newport, Rhode Island, and ended 132 unbroken years of American domination of the event. 

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Media Puzzle: is politics more than a two-horse race?

22 August 2013

Does the media report politics accurately and fairly? Has political coverage of election campaigns become more about spin and headlines than detail?

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Faine & Smith - Talkback titans go head to head

01 August 2013

In their very first public appearance together on stage, the ABC's Jon Faine and 3AW's Justin Smith talk about the art of broadcasting, how they hold politicians to account and how they're adapting to the digital age. 

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The New Rivers of Gold - How the dot coms cornered the classifieds

21 July 2013

Three Melbourne based businesses – Carsales, Seek and REA Group – redirected them to create what are now the dominant online brands in this market.

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Russel Howcroft media lunch

05 June 2013

Through his appearances on ABC1’s hugely successful show The Gruen Transfer Russel Howcroft has become the very public face of brand marketing and advertising in Australia. 

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Premier Denis Napthine's MPC address

17 May 2013

Since taking over as Premier in early March, Dr Denis Napthine has moved quickly to reposition the state government and recast the political contest in Victoria.

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Antony Catalano media lunch

08 May 2013

On April 29 2010, Antony Catalano's Metro Media Publishing launched the first edition of The Weekly Review.

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Book launch: Galbally's Lore

18 April 2013

David Galbally QC has many more strings to his bow than a life with the law and its rich tapestry of anecdotes. His family has also been involved with the Collingwood Football Club for 70 years, and Galbally spent time on the committee. He knows where the bodies are.

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TV News Directors Panel

06 March 2013

They said it was dying - TV News would be eaten up by new media and viewer apathy and disappear from our screens.

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Victorian Media Hall of Fame dinner 2012

06 December 2012

The first 20 inductees to the Victorian Media Hall of Fame were announced at a special invite-only dinner on Thursday 6 December at the Monash Law Chambers in Melbourne.

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Corporate Lunch with Kim Williams

28 November 2012

Kim Williams discussed the profound changes sweeping through the media landscape, and the implications of these changes for quality journalism, media companies and policy making in Canberra. 

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2012 events

Media Lunch with Derryn Hinch

21 November 2012

Derryn Hinch has been sacked 15 times, but he is always welcome at a Melbourne Press Club gig.

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Corporate Lunch with Daniel Andrews

16 October 2012

After two years in office, the Baillieu Government was facing an electoral backlash as budget pressures drive deeper cuts in state services and programs. An audit commission report urged a further withdrawal of government from the delivery of health, education and aged care. Labor believed in an alternative approach.

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Corporate Lunch with Tony Ellwood

22 August 2012

A lunch with the National Gallery of Victoria director Tony Ellwood.

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Investigative Reporters Panel

08 August 2012

What is the future for investigative journalism in an era of shrinking newsrooms, budget cuts and digital deadlines?

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Corporate Lunch with ACTU President Ged Kearney

26 July 2012

After five years in power - two of them in a hung parliament - the federal Labor government was trailing badly in the polls and speculation mounted about the future of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. A crucial element in the fortunes of Labor was the party's relationship with the trade union movement - particularly the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

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One Month To Go Olympics Lunch

22 June 2012

As the world's attention turned to the London Olympic Games, the Melbourne Press Club held a 'One Month To Go' Olympics Lunch.

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Adele Ferguson Media Lunch

21 June 2012

Senior business writer and columnist for The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald and author of a new book on Gina Rinehart.

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Margaret Simons Media Lunch

31 May 2012

Journalist, author, blogger and academic Margaret Simons is one of Australia’s most prolific and most commented on journalism communicators. Strongly independent, she is fearless and articulate when discussing the shortcomings of Australia’s media or the future of journalism.

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Lunch with Harold Mitchell

27 April 2012

Harold Mitchell is one of Australia's most important media buyers and knows better than most whether the media’s new online ventures will attract the advertising support they need to support quality journalism.

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Birthday Special Event: The Future of the Media

14 February 2012

In February 1972, Melbourne’s three newspaper editors held a panel discussion to discuss the future of the Press.

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Lunch with Chairman of the ACCC, Rod Sims

10 October 2011

Rod Sims discussed aspects of the ACCC’s approach to enforcing Australia’s competition and consumer laws and the importance of appropriately regulating monopoly infrastructure.

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2011 events

Football Finals Feast

22 September 2011

This 2011 annual Melbourne Press Club AFL Finals Feast was held at Etihad Stadium's Crest Room on September 22. It featured AFL boss Andrew Demetriou, coach extraordinaire Kevin Sheedy and popular spearhead-turned-commentator Matthew Richardson.

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Robert Rosenthal on Saving Investigative Journalism

20 September 2011

Renowned US editor and Centre for Investigative Reporting executive director Robert Rosenthal delivered a free public lecture at Monash University on Tuesday 20 September, 2011.

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Lunch with Greg Hywood

08 September 2011

Mr Hywood spoke about his start in journalism, how Fairfax is adapting to new challenges and the company's "technologically agnostic" nature. After his speech the floor was opened up to questions, which covered everything from the role of radio and the suspension of 2UE's Mike Smith to media enquiries and ways Fairfax could expand.

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