Hall of Fame

Wilfred Burchett

1911 - 1983

Burchett was the most controversial journalist in Australian history. To his detractors, he was a traitor, a Communist sympathiser and an agent of influence with the Soviets during the Cold War. To his supporters, he was a brave reporter who dared to report the Korean and Vietnam wars from "the other side". The debate was continuing 30 years after his death. Burchett is in the Hall of Fame principally because he was the first correspondent to file from Hiroshima after the dropping of the atom bomb and described the effects of radiation sickness and death for the first time. His reports from Hiroshima were heavily censored in the US. But they helped set the mood for a global era of nuclear deterrence.

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Burchett’s son George accepting award at 2014 Hall of Fame dinner (2:02)