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Prioritising self care can protect your career

30 June 2024

Journalism can be a stressful profession. Some stress can be positive and useful, like the sort that drives you to deliver your stories by deadline. Equally, other types of stress can be negative, harmful and cumulative.

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In crisis or tragedy, let’s recognise media’s purpose and value

30 May 2024

Dart Centre Asia Pacific chair Trina McLellan discusses the importance of journalists' work, and the key skills required in the field.

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Are you ready to cover traumatic news?

30 April 2024

Covering traumatic incidents can impact media workers and their peers as well as their managers. It can even affect their loved ones. Those impacts may be transient or persistent, immediate, delayed or long-term.

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Linda Pearce wins 2023 Harry Gordon Sports Journalist of The Year Award

16 March 2024

Linda’s compelling series on the failure of the Collingwood netball club revealed the dysfunction at the heart of the famous football club’s foray into women’s netball.

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Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros named 2023 Graham Perkin Australian Journalists of the Year

16 March 2024

AFR journalists Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros have been named the 2023 Graham Perkin Australian Journalists of the Year.

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The Australian's John Ferguson wins the 29th Gold Quill

16 March 2024

A scoop about the tragic consequences of a mushroom lunch in regional Victoria has won the prestigious Gold Quill at the Melbourne Press Club’s 29th Quill Awards for Excellence in Victorian Journalism.  

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29th Quill Awards: Photos

15 March 2024

See our photos from the 29th Quill Awards

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New journalism fellowship launches career for regional Victorian school leaver

27 February 2024

The Melbourne Press Club is delighted to announce the first recipient of its Regional Journalism Fellowship Program, supported by the Brian M Davis Charitable Foundation.

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Fellowship opportunity: making sense of society’s fault lines

23 February 2024

Applications are now open for the Swinburne University of Technology-Melbourne Press Club ‘Beyond the Fault Lines’ Fellowship.

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