28th Quills: Cartoon

Matt Golding of The Age won the 2022 Cartoon Quill for his piece “Indigenous voice to Parliament”

Judges' citation

Matt Golding's cartoon was not only timely following Prime Minister's Anthony Albanese's announcement about the Voice to Parliament referendum but also sensitively summed up the challenge of the task ahead. In doing so, Matt communicated the deep history of the struggle of First Nations' peoples for recognition, with a strong graphic composition that used the colours of the Indigenous flag and sensitively captured the likeness of Senators Linda Burney and Patrick Dodson engaged in what Golding characterises as a Sisyphean task. A cartoon for our times.

The winning piece

Highly commended

Andrew Dyson, The Age, “Off-Leash Area”


Matthew Davidson, The Age, “Whiplash economics succession”

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