28th Quills: The Gold Quill

Bridget Brennan, Brooke Fryer, Suzanne Dredge and Stephanie Zillman of Four Corners/ABC News won the 28th Gold Quill for “How Many More?”


Judges' statement

The judges were deeply moved and impressed by the depth of research, access to strong Aboriginal women and sensitivity of the story telling about a troubling crisis of our time.

How Many More placed the horrific reality of femicide being experienced by Aboriginal women into the national spotlight by putting faces to the names of more than 300 Aboriginal women who have gone missing, been murdered or killed since 2000.

The meticulous research, months of interviews and powerful storytelling led to a national conversation and changes in the way domestic violence prevention and treatment is handled.


The winning entry

"How Many More?", Four Corners

"How Many More?", Four Corners (online interactive)

Constance Watcho's death is unspeakable, yet it isn't listed as a homicide, ABC News

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