28th Quills: Radio Current Affairs

Amy Bainbridge, Loretta Florance and Kirstie Wellauer of ABC AM won the 2022 Radio Current Affairs Quill for “Sorry Business”.


Judges' statement

This expose from the ABC’s Consumer Affairs Reporter Amy Bainbridge, producer Loretta Florance and Indigenous Affairs producer Kirstie Wellauer revealed the regulatory failures that caused almost 15,000 Indigenous Australians to lose tens of millions of dollars in insurance contributions.
The team produced a compelling and skilfully constructed piece, giving a voice to those who felt misled and deceived.
Their story prompted a federal government investigation, a seven-million dollar package for victims, and an ASIC inquiry.


The winning entry

14,500 Indigenous Australians hit by funeral fund liqudation, ABC News, 16 March 2022

Disadvantaged towns paid high price for company collapse, ABC News, 14 July 2022


Highly commended

Matilda Marozzi and the Background Briefing team, ABC Radio National, “Is getting quality care at medicinal cannabis clinics just pot luck?” (Link 1, Link 2)

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