28th Quills: Sports News

Sam Landsberger of the Herald Sun has won the 2022 Sports News Quill for “Dons' holy fail”.


Judges' citation

It was devilishly difficult for the judges to pick a winner from a group of standout entries. It was Sam Landsberger's exclusive that takes the prize, because it goes to the basics of good news journalism - going beyond the press release, digging around, and doing it all first. The story not only propelled Essendon into renewed turmoil, but also reignited a national debate around issues that go far beyond sport: the place of religious beliefs in our community, and the right to privacy that those in leadership may enjoy.


The winning entry

Test of faith for Bombers, Herald Sun, 4 October 2022

Female umpire abuse shame, Herald Sun, 2 May 2022


Highly commended

Mark Robinson, Herald Sun, “Like the Russian Mafia”

Michael Warner, Herald Sun, “Demons’ Secret Hell”

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