28th Quills: TV/Video Feature

Richard Willingham, Kirsten Robb and Sarah Curnow of 7.30 have won the 2022 TV/Video Feature Quill for “Victims of sexual violence forced to wait in bloodied and soiled clothes due to crisis in Forensic Care”.


Judges' citation

Richard Willingham and producer Sarah Curnow lifted the lid on a silent crisis faced by sexual assault victims in Victoria thanks to a broken system. Their story shocked Victorians -- revealing how rape victims can be left waiting 24 hours for a forensic examination -- forced to keep wearing the clothes they were attacked in.
It was a powerful story, made more powerful because a victim trusted Richard to tell her story, and she bravely spoke on camera. Their story led to a chronically under-resourced Institute of Forensic Medicine receiving a funding boost.


The winning entry

Shortage of doctors causing victims of violent crime to wait for forensic examinations, 7.30, 5 September 2022


Highly commended

Christine Ahern and Thea Dikeos, 60 Minutes, “Dying For Help”



Alexis Daish, A Current Affair, “Frecker Police Tapes”

Charlotte Grieve, Nick McKenzie and Clair Weaver, 60 Minutes and The Age, “Praying for Power”

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