28th Quills: TV/Video News

Carrie-Anne Greenbank of Nine News has won the 2022 TV/Video News Quil for her coverage of the war in Ukraine.


Judges' citation

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Nine's Carrie Anne Greenbank was the only Australian TV journalist reporting live from Kyiv as missiles started striking the outskirts of the capital and air raid sirens rang out- signalling the first war in Europe in a generation.

With camera operator Jessica Miocevich, Greenbank pushed to remain in Kyiv as panic set in and most international media fled, securing critical supplies such as a generator, live link access, sleeping bags and ration packs so they could continue broadcasting as the capital came under attack.

The Channel Nine correspondent reported in dangerous and unpredictable conditions including air raids, without a driver/fixer, navigated checkpoints and curfews to access locations - all while closely monitoring the developing threat of Russian troops.

Greenbank reveals the human cost of war, so that Australians can comprehend the horrifying new reality of life in Ukraine.


Highly commended

Christine Ahern, Today Show, “Aged Care Captives”



Bridget Rollason, ABC News, “Victoria's health crisis”

Cassie Zervos, 7NEWS, “Fawkner Shooting Victims”

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