2015 Melbourne Press Freedom Dinner speeches

Click here to see a slideshow of photos from the evening

Laurie Oakes (27:32) Download the text of Laurie Oakes' speech  

John Milkins, son of 'Balibo five' cameraman Gary Cunningham (12:18)

Balibo Five backgrounder (With thanks to Channel 7) (2:53)  

Paul Murphy, CEO of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (5:47)

Peter Greste address (pre-recorded, with thanks to the ABC) (3:20)  

Greste and Al Jazeera background (With thanks to the ABC) (5:37)  

Ron Tandberg at work and at the mic (20:34)  

Press Freedom background (With thanks to the ABC and SBS) (4:38)

Full event video (1:44:25)


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