2019 Quills: Business News

Nick McKenzie, Grace Tobin & Nick Toscano of The Age/60 Minutes won the 2019 Business News Quill for 'Crown Unmasked'.

Judges' citation

'Crown Unmasked' demonstrated the best of fearless, well-resourced and news-breaking journalism, uncovering issues that are crucial not only to the gaming industry but to the security of Australia's borders. It exposed a cavalier attitude by Crown management to the lives and safety of some of its employees.

The piece demonstrated a high level of investigative skill and excellent use of the broadcast and print mediums and will have a lasting impact on Crown.

The winning entry

'Crown Unmasked', 60 Minutes

'Crown's links Asian crime', The Age, 27 July 2019

'Xi family link to Crown big players', The Age, 29 July 2019

Other finalists

Sarah Danckert, The Age, 'The CSL Data Heist'

Adele Ferguson, The Age, 'Secret Interviews Reveal Risky Business For NAB’s Top Executives'


Please note: the above links may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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