2019 Quills: News Photograph

Jason South of The Age won the 2019 News Photograph Quill for coverage of the George Pell trial.

Judges' citation

Pell images were all worthy of Page 1, regardless of the verdict.

Battling for an edge in a huge media scrum, this picture was a testament to Jason South's tenacity and skills as a news photographer. Jason's photo captured the drama and emotion of the day superbly. The judges found it hard to select a winner, with David Caird and Alex Coppel also submitting excellent photos of Pell’s day in court.

The winning entry

Other finalists

David Caird, Herald Sun, Pell Runs The Gauntlet

Alex Coppel, Herald Sun, Bunyip Fires

Alex Coppel, Herald Sun, The Judgement of Pell

Please note: the above photos and links may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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