2019 Quills: News Report in Writing

David Estcourt & Clay Lucas of The Age won the 2019 News Report in Writing Quill for '"How stupid could you be?"'

Judges' citation

A worthy and important story for Victoria that raised awareness of where taxpayers' money goes in large infrastructure projects. Dogged reporting by David Estcourt and Clay Lucas provided a window into government decision-making and told a complex story with clarity.

The winning entry

'"How stupid could you be?" Andrews government rezones West Gate tunnel land, doubles own bill", The Age, 27 December 2019

'Fast food franchisee makes $21m compo claim for Maccas lost to Metro', The Age, 10 July 2019

'McDonald's demands super-size compensation for losing busiest city store', The Age, 26 June 2019

Other finalists

Samantha Dick, The New Daily, Inside Crown Partner’s High-Rollers’ Shooting Range

Stephen Drill, Herald Sun, Get me out - Dr Kylie Moore's Desperate Plea in Smuggled Jail Letters

Ben Schneiders & Nick McKenzie, The Age, John Setka, domestic violence and the ALP

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