2019 Quills: Radio Journalism (Short Form)

Amy Bainbridge of ABC Radio AM won the 2019 Radio Journalism (Short Form) Quill for "Telstra Investigated Over Selling ‘Unaffordable Contracts" To Vulnerable Australians'

Judges' citation

Amy Bainbridge's investigation into exploitative sales practices by Telstra to people on welfare prompted industry-wide changes, and resulted in Telstra offering to buy back debt from thousands of vulnerable Australians. Her reporting gave voice to people affected by the telco’s actions.

The winning entry

Amy Bainbridge, ABC Radio AM, Telstra Investigated Over Selling ‘Unaffordable Contracts’ To Vulnerable Australians

Other finalists

Alexis Daish, 3AW, Jonathan Dick Arrested

Jordan Tunbridge, 3AW, Wimbledon


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