2019 Quills: The Gold Quill

Michael Willson of AFL Media won the 2019 Gold Quill for his photo 'The Kick'.

Judges' citation

Judges’ citation: For the first time in 25 years, the Gold Quill judges have chosen to recognise the journalism behind the lens. This is a photo for the ages. One that will be long remembered. One that turned the tide of public commentary on women’s football, women in sport generally, and attitudes to women across society. This high quality image froze forever this emblematic moment and triggered a national conversation that would otherwise never have happened. Published around the world, Michael Willson's perfectly framed snap triggered a global social media storm, and has even been turned into a statue. This unforgettable image of Tayla Harris inspired and fuelled the significant growth of young women joining up to play footy.

The winning entry

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