2019 Quills: TV/Video Feature (Long Form)

Rachael Brown, Josie Taylor, Chris Gillett & Greg Nelson of ABC 7.30 won the 2019 TV/Video Feature (Long Form) Quill for 'Nicola Gobbo Breaks her Silence'.

Judges' citation

This was the interview every Australian journalist wanted in 2019. Elusive, suspicious, and with a price on her head ... Convincing Nicola Gobbo to break her silence took months of negotiation and planning. Rachel Brown's exclusive interview was quoted and copied and followed up by every other news organisation. She didn't hold back with the hard questions, and the interview was the must-watch TV moment of 2019.

The winning entry

Nicola Gobbo, barrister turned police informer, breaks her silence, ABC 7.30, 10 December 2019

Highly commended

Louise Milligan, Andy Burns, Sarah Curnow, Jeanavive McGregor & Lucy Carter, ABC Four Corners, Guilty, The Conviction of George Pell

Other finalists

Belinda Hawkins, Mark Farnell, Angela Leonardi Trabucco & Roger Carter, ABC Australian Story, An Innocent Abroad

Quentin McDermott, Natalie Whiting, Rebecca Latham & Andrew Altree-Williams, ABC Australian Story, The Invisible Man


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