2020 Quills: News Photograph

Alex Coppel of the Herald Sun has won the 2020 News Photograph Quill.

Judges' citation

In unprecedented scenes Alex Coppel's outstanding image has captured the myriad of emotions from calm to fear on the faces of both locals and holiday makers, seeking the comparative safety of the beach at Malua Bay, with bushfires closing in on their township.

The winning entry

Alex Coppel, Herald Sun, Malua Bay Fires, 1 January 2020

Highly commended

Eddie Jim, The Age, Inferno

Other finalists

Justin McManus, The Age, Evacuation of Mallacoota

Jake Nowakowski, Herald Sun, Anti-Lockdown Protest

Please note: the above link/s and images may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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