2021 Quills: Coverage of Women in Sport, sponsored by VicHealth

Tom Cowie and Rachael Dexter of The Sunday Age has won the 2021 Quill for Coverage of Women in Sport, sponsored by VicHealth.

Judges' citation

Tom and Rachael’s piece shone a light on a little publicised sport of powerlifting and the entrenched bullying, sexist harassing behaviour at the very top. It had immediate impact with the resignation of the CEO and has led to a more inclusive, safe environment for future athletes, both female and male.

The winning entry

'Weightlifting head coach sues athlete who alleged sexual harassment', The Age, 8 August 2021

'Weightlifting coach steps down after taking legal action against sex harassment accuser', The Age, 10 August 2021

'How one woman’s story shook powerlifting and toppled its most influential figure', The Age, 15 August 2021

Other finalists

Christie Cooper, 7NEWS Melbourne, 'Girls' Footy'

Damien Ractliffe and Craig Butt, The Age, 'Tackling steep rise in women’s contact sport injuries'

Rhiannon Stevens, ABC Online, 'The Strongest Woman In The World'


Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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