2021 Quills: Excellence in Indigenous Affairs Reporting, sponsored by FVTOC

The Age's Yoo-rrook: A time for truth team has won the 2021 Quill for Recognising Excellence in Indigenous Affairs Reporting, sponsored by Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations.

Judges' citation

This was an important and far reaching journalism project timed to coincide with Victoria’s historic truth telling commission. Beautifully written, carefully researched, and with a range of videos and graphics to supplement the reporting, The Age produced a first class body of work that told the deeper story of the experience of First Nation people in Victoria. These sorts of projects have been missing for far too long in Australia’s media landscape. The Age’s commitment to seek to try to remedy this absence, while just a first step, was clear in the effort taken across this series. It is a body of work that should live on, not only in readers minds, but in school rooms across the state, and also as a reminder about how much truth telling is yet to be done.


The winning entry

'We must walk with Victoria’s First Peoples on the land they made beautiful', The Age, 9 October 2021

'A people torn apart by bloody dispossession and disease', The Age, 10 October 2021

'"The embodiment of everything": Preserving the language of Indigenous Victorians', The Age, 13 October 2021

Highly commended

Andy Burns and Shahni Wellington, ABC 7.30 and ABC News, 'Footage of police arrests leaves Indigenous Australians feeling unsafe in their own community'


Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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