2019 events

Events from 2019.

2019 events

Low-carbon transition will ‘happen gradually, then suddenly’: Garnaut

13 November 2019

Ross Garnaut on his new book about our renewable future

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Faine: ABC Needs More Mongrel, More Money

02 October 2019

Retiring ABC broadcaster in conversation with Mary Gearin

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The Edit: Shooting the Pollies

07 October 2019

Talking shop with Canberra Press photographer Alex Ellinghausen

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End Parental Leave Double Standard: Crabb

10 September 2019

Author Launches New Quarterly Essay at MPC Lunch

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Banking Lobby Likely to Scuttle Hayne reforms, says Fels

04 September 2019

Fels launches new memoir at MPC media lunch

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Sundays Bloody Sundays

23 August 2019

Celebrating the launch of three Sunday papers on one day in 1989

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Sport Can 'Lead and Change our Nation': Nicole Livingstone

22 August 2019

Head of AFLW delivers 17th Bob Rose Lecture

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Google and Facebook can and must be controlled: Sims

13 August 2019

ACCC chief urges government action to defend consumers and media diversity

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The Edit: Reporting Trump's White House

29 July 2019

A special forum with The Australian's Washington correspondent Cameron Stewart

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Laws Must Protect not Punish Whistleblowers: Senator

25 June 2019

Rex Patrick calls for an end to the prosecution of former ATO staffer Richard Boyle

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Bringing Hope to the Slums

20 June 2019

A lunch with Asha Society's Kiran Martin

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The Challenge of Extremism

29 May 2019

Watch the discussion on challenging extremism and media responsibilities

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The 2019 Budget Briefing

28 May 2019

Tim Pallas MP details his fifth state budget

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The Edit: On Documentary and Journalism

20 May 2019

Documentary makers Simon Kurian and Hollie Fifer discussed their craft and the intersection between journalism and documentary

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The Edit: Making Sense of Data

29 April 2019

A discussion with two data journalists on finding interesting ways of telling stories with numbers

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The Price of the Writing Life

23 May 2019

Half the Perfect World authors talk about George Johnston and Charmian Clift's legacy with Martin Flanagan

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Australian Cricket's New Pitch

28 March 2019

CA Chief Kevin Roberts on rebuilding public trust

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Hayne Didn't Go Far Enough: MPC Panel

02 March 2019

Experts say tougher penalties and more sweeping reforms are essential.

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The Edit: Encryption, Data and the Law

25 February 2019

At the Edit's first event for 2019, we spoke data, privacy and encryption with tech and legal experts

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