2018 Gordon award winner Andy Rule

Andrew Rule has been named the 2018 Harry Gordon Australian Sports Journalist of the Year for 'Winx', his biography of the famous racehorse.

Judges' citation

Andrew Rule in front of a keyboard is like an experienced jockey in the saddle. He knows that pacing is everything. In his book ‘Winx: the authorised biography’, he provides an unprecedented glimpse into the world of a horse that has captivated not just Australia, but the racing world. Stylish and filled with such extraordinary detail that its pages seem to carry the scent of the stable, Rule’s book is an unapologetic homage to one of the most remarkable performers in the history of Australian sport. Indeed, it moved one of the judges to say they “want to go out and buy a racehorse - today.”

The winning entry

Winx Allen & Unwin publisher page

Andrew Rule explains the magic of Winx, 3AW interview, 22 October 2018

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