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In crisis or tragedy, let’s recognise media’s purpose and value

Dart Centre Asia Pacific chair Trina McLellan discusses the importance of journalists' work, and the key skills required in the field.

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Webinar series: The battle against mis/disinformation

It's the curse of the information age - the 'facts' that aren't what they claim to be, the 'statements' that seem reliable but aren't. This is the challenge for journalists and media workers - identifying and dealing with misinformation and disinformation. 

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Victorian Chamber and Melbourne Press Club present State Budget Lunch with Tim Pallas MP

Join us at the prestigious CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park for the highly anticipated State Budget Lunch with distinguished guest, Tim Pallas MP.

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Are you ready to cover traumatic news?

Covering traumatic incidents can impact media workers and their peers as well as their managers. It can even affect their loved ones. Those impacts may be transient or persistent, immediate, delayed or long-term.

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AI: After the Chat

In an information environment where Artificial Intelligence is becoming all-pervasive, how do journalists and the broader media industry come to terms with AI chatbots' impact on their work? What can corporate Australia's embrace of AI reveal about how the media can navigate this new era? And what do journalists need to understand about how AI impacts their relationships with organisations who traditionally rely on the media for reaching their audience?

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Masterclass: TikTok reporting with Matilda Boseley and Grace McKinnon

Two years after our last TikTok discussion, the platform is more successful than ever. In this MasterClass, we bring back by popular demand our two guests, Guardian Australia’s Matilda Boseley and the ABC’s Grace McKinnon, to discuss how reporters can best use TikTok in the changed environment of 2024.

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Away from capital cities, covering traumatic news presents extra challenges

When covering tragedies, disasters or multiple distressing news stories – beyond experiences and reactions that metropolitan-based media workers have – there are, unquestionably, additional challenges and risks for regional and remote journalists, as the Dart Centre Asia Pacific explains.

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48th Graham Perkin Award Winners Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros

Neil Chenoweth and Edmund Tadros have won the 48th Graham Perkin Award for coverage of the PwC Tax Leaks Scandal.

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9th Gordon Award winner Linda Pearce

Linda Pearce has won the 9th Harry Gordon Australian Sports Journalist of the Year

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29th Quills: The Gold Quill

John Ferguson of The Australian has won the Scoop of the Year Quill with “Police investigate mass poisoning in Leongatha”

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