28th Quills: Business News/Feature, sponsored by McGrathNicol

Adele Ferguson and Chris Gillett of The Age and 7.30 won the 2022 Business News/Feature, sponsored by McGrathNicol Quill for "Medicare: A Basket Case".

Judges' citation

Medicare: A Basket Case led by Adele Ferguson and her team represents outstanding journalism.

The story and its revelations around the ease of apparent fraud and billions of dollars of waste have led to multiple investigations into the governance that sits at the heart of the nation’s healthcare system. Importantly the package has started a national debate into how the healthcare system operates. And this is something that all good journalism should aspire to.

The package has encouraged whistleblowers to speak on the record and on camera and has been able to shine a light onto an area that is more than often difficult to report on. The package has made a complex topic accessible to the broadest possible audience. The production standards are excellent. It is a highly-engaging and creative piece of visual journalism, but never loses sight of the aim of delivering a strong, incisive story.

The winning entry

Expert estimates $8 billion a year lost to Medicare fraud and waste, 7.30

How cosmetic surgeons are taking advantage of Medicare, 7.30

Should the Medicare system be overhauled?, 7.30

Highly commended

Jarni Blakkarly, CHOICE, “Facial Recognition in Retail Investigation”


Eryk Bagshaw and Edward Adeti, The Age, “Blood Gold” (Link 1, Link 2)

Peter Ker, The Australian Financial Review, “Newcrest Culture Wars”

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