2018 Quills: Radio Journalism (Short Form)

Amy Bainbridge, Rachael Brown & Naomi Selvaratnam of ABC Radio AM won the 2018 Radio Journalism (Short Form) Quill for 'Insurance Industry Reports'.

Judges' citation

Amy's compelling and sensitive report told the stories of two women who were harshly treated by insurance companies. It led to the intervention of a senator in one case and prompted the backdown of a major insurer in the other. In the case of Amanda Dunn, the battle continues for a payout following the death of her husband Roger.

The winning entry

'Widow challenges insurance company MetLife on late husband's rejected claims', ABC Radio AM, 6 September 2018

'Calls for lifting of exclusions on insurance due to mental health', ABC Radio AM, 31 October 2018

Other finalists

Charlotte King of ABC The World Today for 'Canon Law and Child Abuse'

Danny Tran of ABC Radio for 'Paedophile Legal Challenges'

Jordan Tunbridge of 3AW for 'FIFA World Cup'

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